ONLY WITH YOU – Nicole McLaughlin
Man Enough, Book 4
ISBN: 978-1250120106
June 2018
Contemporary Romance

Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming – Present Day

Aiden King has been attracted to Hannah Walters for a while but has kept his distance because she was involved with his best friend. However, they break up and his friend gives Aiden the green light to pursue Hannah. He will do just about anything for her, including make her favorite meal for her at his bar. At this point, they're just good friends, but after Hannah offers to go with Aiden on a road trip so that he can meet his estranged mother, will things change?

Hannah has always fallen hard for men who weren't right for her and she now plans to step back until she finds “the only one.” Her friendship with Aiden fills the gap between romances—or so she thinks until she realizes that she values him as more than a friend. Aiden is quiet and doesn't push himself on her, which makes her a tad antsy. Most any man would jump at the chance to bed her, but Aiden does everything except make love to her. Does he have an aversion to sex? If so, why?

ONLY WITH YOU features the fourth tale of the National Guardsmen best friends in the Man Enough series by Nicole McLaughlin. Readers who have read SHOULD'VE BEEN YOU will remember Hannah as the self-centered twin who kept her sister Becca apart from Jase for years by lying about something that was supposedly said. All is well now, but the experience has Hannah stepping back to look at how she approaches love. Meanwhile, Aiden is there, another good friend to lean on. But somewhere along the way, she realizes it's more than friendship.

Patti Fischer