Whitman Street Cat Café , Book 1
Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 978-1-7282-14542
May 4, 2021
Contemporary Romance

New York City – Present Day

Lauren Harlow manages the Whitman Street Cat Café in Brooklyn. It specializes in coffee and pastries while allowing patrons to interact with cats that have been rescued and are ready to be adopted. One day, Dr. Caleb Fitch, the new vet next door, comes into the café, and Lauren is intrigued by him. However, he's a bit of a grouch, especially since he appears to prefer dogs over cats. One late night after a litter of weeks-old kittens is dropped off at the café, and one appears to be in distress, it's Caleb who is the vet treating them (the vet's office is open 24/7).  Lauren and Caleb spend a night nursing the sick kitten and grow closer. The next morning, it leads them to a one-night (or is that a one-morning?) stand in her apartment. Yet, things are still the same between them. Caleb is abrupt with Lauren because he's not looking for a romantic relationship, while she wonders how she can get involved with a guy who doesn't love cats as much as she does.

Caleb is soured on marriage right now because he recently went through a contentious divorce with the woman whom he thought would be his forever bride. He's dealing with the emotions and baggage from that split, so isn't in the mood to do more than have an occasional hookup with Lauren—which is where things are between them. But Lauren wants more. As she deals with Caleb “tuning out” in their burgeoning relationship, she tries to distance herself from him, but that's hard to do when he works next door, and she is constantly needing to go to the vet's office about one of the cats or get cat food from them. Can Lauren and Caleb build a future together, or are they doomed to fail because he can't get over his failed marriage?

LIKE CATS AND DOGS is a cute and funny tale that will tickle the reader's funny bone. Lauren and Caleb have a built-in radar when it comes to each other, yet they still try to ignore each other. But it doesn't stop their interactions and leading to a few hookups. Lauren wants more than having a friends-with-benefits relationship with Caleb. She really likes him, though he's more reticent when it comes to their “romance.” After all the dancing around that they do at first in this tale, it is a bit of a surprise how quickly they end up having sex after their long night caring for the sick kitten. But just as quickly, they turn their backs on each other.

There is plenty of entertaining back and forth bantering between Lauren and Caleb, as well as from minor characters, such as her best friend, Evan, and the building's owner, Diane. Of course, then there are the fur babies: her cat, Molly, and Hank, an abandoned dog that Caleb adopts. Will cats and dogs mix as well as the humans? Will the fur fly between all four? A romp-filled tale you won't want to miss, be sure to check out the fun in LIKE CATS AND DOGS.

Patti Fischer