A Perfect 10
The Chicago Rebels , Book 1
Pocket Star
ISBN: 978-1-5011-8088-0
August 2017
Contemporary Romance

Chicago, Illinois – Present Day

Harper Chase and her two half-sisters inherited the Chicago Rebels pro-hockey team from their late father. However, Harper feels betrayed by her father, as she thought the team would be solely hers as she's the one who worked tirelessly in the organization, and because the will stipulates a time limit for her to make the team a winning one or it will be sold. Harper negotiates a trade for star player Remy DuPre, but he never reports to his new team and it's up to Harper to find him and bring him to Chicago. She arrives at his house with a party in full swing and Remy enjoying himself. But the moment their eyes lock, Harper is afraid she's going to have to throw out her “no dating of players allowed” policy…for herself.

Remy realizes that at thirty-five and in his final year of a large contract that it makes sense to trade him. But to the worst franchise in hockey? Remy wants to win the Stanley Cup and figures he isn't going to do it in Chicago. He's determined to make the Chicago Rebels regret their decision to trade for him. But he can't stop thinking about Harper Chase. She's beautiful, sexy…and an ice princess. Yet that doesn't stop him from wanting her, even as they go toe-to-toe arguing over what is best for the team. Hate turns to lust, and soon neither of them can resist the temptation. Remy negotiates with Harper a way out of Chicago, but is their affair going to end badly if he gets his way?

IRRESISTIBLE YOU by Kate Meader is the first tale in the Chicago Rebels series that focuses on the three half-sisters that inherit a hockey team. Harper is the oldest, and the one who was involved in running the team beside their critical father. She could never please him, and she is stunned when he makes the stipulations in his will. Wanting to prove herself, she brings in her half-sisters, Violet and Isobel, to Chicago and tries to work with them. Alas, most of their interest is in ogling the players. Years ago, Harper got romantically involved with a player, but after he physically struck her, he was traded away and her father blamed her for a lack of control. So, now if Harper wants to prove herself, it's going to be hands off her players.

Remy is facing the end of his career but still has a dream of winning it all. The Chicago Rebels are really bad, and they're already 0-4 when he's traded to them. He strikes a deal with Harper: if he plays well enough by mid-season, he wants to be traded to a playoff contending team. She agrees, because she needs him now. The instant sparks that fly between them are denied by both at first, but they continue to have sizzling chemistry that soon explodes into passion in New Orleans. But the next morning, it's all business again per Harper. She drives Remy nuts, but he has to play by her rules…for now.

IRRESISTIBLE YOU is one of those books you just can't put down. There's hilarious dialogue and bantering between Harper and Remy. There's hot sex. And finally, it's as entertaining as it gets. For these reasons, I had to award IRRESISTIBLE YOU one of Romance Review Today's coveted Perfect 10s. If you're itching to read a book that will grab you from the moment you pick it up, then look no further, as IRRESISTIBLE YOU is what you're looking for.

Patti Fischer