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Harlequin Desire #26B
ISBN: 978-1-335-45788-2
December 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Denver, Colorado – Present Day

Dr. Mia Zane needs as much money as she can earn for her veterinarian practice after an ex stole money from her, so she signs onto a cattle drive as the veterinarian. On her first night there, she meets sexy Jace Malone, unaware that he is part of the wealthy Malone family. Sparks fly between them, and they’re soon spending a sizzling night together. But early the next morning, Jace leaves due to a family emergency and Mia doesn’t see him again. Six weeks later, she might need him because she has discovered that she’s pregnant with his child. After discussing it with her best friend who does some digging, Mia learns Jace’s true identity. 

As the youngest Malone, Jace has spent most of his life living on the edge and not earning the trust of his grandfather and brothers to be part of the company. But he’s now changed and wants to prove that he is not irresponsible. But one day, his one-night stand, Mia, shows up at work and announces that she is pregnant with his child. Jace now must scramble to figure out how he can keep his family from finding out, plus continuing a relationship with the mother of his child. Jace and Mia are still attracted to each other, but both are wary of love. How will this pregnancy affect them?

Jace still has nightmares about the night his parents died in a car accident. He was in the backseat and blames himself for his parents being there at the time of the accident. As such, he feels like he doesn’t deserve happiness and love. Mia was burned by an ex after she gave him love and control of her vet business only to have him plunder her bank account and take off. No way is she going to fall in love again, at least not right now. But the moment Mia met Jace, their attraction was instantaneous and hotter than Hades. Somehow the condom failed, and they are going to have a little baby. Despite it being unexpected, Mia and Jace are looking forward to the birth of their child. The issue is whether they will be together when it is born. 

ONE NIGHT WITH A COWBOY is an emotional read about learning to trust again and finding true love. Mia and Jace have a hard time at both right now and they are going to have to learn to let the walls they have put up to be let down. Once they do this, then the love between them will shine through. While Jace started out as a cowboy in this tale, he is more of a billionaire businessman. He wants to be there for Mia, but she is independent and doesn’t want Jace to spend money to help her. Will they find a way to meet halfway? Learn the answer by picking up a copy of ONE NIGHT WITH A COWBOY.

Patti Fischer

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