HUNTING HOUR Margaret Mizushima
A Timber Creek K-9 Mystery, Book 3
Crooked Lane Books
ISBN: (Hardcover) 978-1-68331-277-2
          (ePub) 978-1-68331-278-9
         (Kindle) 978-1-68331-279-6
         (ePDF) 978-1-68331-280-2
August 2017
Contemporary Mystery

Timber Creek, Colorado, the Present

Mattie Cobb is a deputy and K-9 officer with the Timber Creek Police. She is not in a good place emotionally and mentally when she gets summoned to take her dog, Robo, to track a missing young girl. When Robo finds the girl's body on Smoker's Hill near the high school, Mattie knows she has to confront some issues she's been avoiding, such as her relationship with town veterinarian, Cole Walker. He has daughters who are vulnerable to the unknown killer, and Mattie would hate to have anything happen to them.

The sheriff's office is on full alert to track down the killer before he or she kills again. There are no real leads, and there are a few people who are questioned, one whose mental status leaves both Cole and Mattie concerned, and a mysterious SUV that Mattie worries may belong to a predator. But when Cole's younger daughter disappears, it's all Mattie and Cole can do not to panic. A concerted search with Robo is needed.

The third book in the Timber Creek K-9 Mystery series, HUNTING HOUR is a nail-biting suspenseful voyage into the mind of a killer. Mattie's relationship with Cole will be tested as his ex-wife appears on the scene when she hears that her daughter is missing. But Mattie and Robo are a formidable team, and surprises are in store.

Readers will enjoy this latest installment in this well-written series.

Jani Brooks