THE HEIR AFFAIR - Jessica Morgan
The Royal We Book 2
Grand Central Publishing
ISBN-10: 1538715910
ISBN-13: 978-1538715918
July 2020
Young Adult Romance

Scotland and England 2015

Iowa native Rebecca Porter (Bex) married heir apparent Prince Nicholas (Nick) of the royal Lyons dynasty. Before the end of her royal wedding, Bex and Nick's former friend, reporter Clive Fitzwilliam, published a story that Bex had slept with Nick's younger brother Prince Frederick (Freddie). He had a photo of Freddie leaving her apartment. Of course, it wasn't true, but aspects of Freddie's behavior infuriated Nick. Bex loves Nick, but she loves Freddie as a good friend. Now there is a serious rift between the two royal brothers and all of England thinks the American bride is an undeserving slut. Bex and Nick decided to escape their predicament. They took new identities with the help of wigs and went to a small town in Scotland. Nick, living and enjoying a somewhat normal life for once, watches the news and sees his father thrust Freddie into positions he should have been performing if he were in London. One of the four protection officers who followed them to Scotland, comes to their front door and tells them they must return to London. Nick's grandmother, Queen Eleanor, has suffered a heart attack, so the Duke and Duchess of Clarence must return to the public spotlight.

Queen Eleanor and her son Richard, Prince of Wales, make it clear they do not like Bex or think her a suitable person for her position. The news media and the public feel, and show, their disdain for her, again, with great impetus from reporter Clive. Nicholas and Frederick are stoically polite in public, but otherwise not speaking. It is a difficult situation, but Bex has a few friends and advisors to help her, and her twin sister and mother stay in touch via long distance communications. More problems, unexpected twists, and disasters arise. Bex learns royal families are just as susceptible to duplicity as normal ones, and Bex's favorite baseball team, the Chicago Cubs, even plays a part. Can anything turn this situation around?

This engaging story is divided into four sections called acts, and certainly much of what goes on is like theater. The story is from Bex's viewpoint, and while very serious and melodramatic events take place, a thread of humor entertains the reader. I had not read the first book in the series, but had no problem understanding or being enchanted by this story.

Robin Lee