A Perfect 10
HQN Books
ISBN: 978-1-335-1472-7
September 24, 2019
Contemporary Romance

Aspen, Colorado – Present Day

As A WEDDING IN DECEMBER opens, it's November in England and Maggie White is thinking about Christmas. She hasn't seen her oldest daughter, Katie, in months, and the youngest, Rosie, is attending college at Harvard in the United States. Neither of the girls is aware that Maggie and their father, Nick, separated months ago and are planning to divorce. Christmas will be the time to tell them. Then, she gets an unexpected call from Rosie. She's getting married and the wedding will be at Christmas—in Vail, Colorado. Maggie's life (and plans) have suddenly changed. Maggie talks to Nick and they agree to keep their divorce news under wraps and pretend to still be in love. They can't spoil their daughter's happiness.

Katie White is a doctor at a London hospital and she's dealing with PTSD after a patient's father brutally attacked her in an emotional reaction. She hasn't shared the attack—or her emotional condition—with her family. Now she is being forced by her doctor to take time off work to deal with her issues. Add in that she thinks Rosie is making a mistake in marrying a guy she barely knows; Katie plans to make sure the wedding doesn't happen.

Rosie is all aglow in wedding plans and enjoying love and life. She wants her family to feel like she does, but the first glimpse of her parents after they get off the plane is seeing her mother drunk and acting overly lovey-dovey with her father. What is going on? Then there is Katie…she is grilling Rosie's fiancé, Dan, as well as the best man, Jordan. Rosie loves her sister, but she has to realize that Dan is the man she loves. However, as Katie pressures Rosie over marrying too quickly, doubts begin to set in…

A WEDDING IN DECEMBER is about three women as they reflect about life, love, and their futures. Maggie's life revolved around raising her children, but once Rosie left the nest, the realization that there were no longer any sparks between her and Nick led them to separate. Dan's mother owns the luxurious resort everyone is staying at and arranges for some “activities” for Maggie and Nick, unaware they're separated. Suddenly, they find themselves attracted to each other all over again. Is it enough for them to save their marriage?

Katie clashes with Jordan because he is suspicious of her constant grilling and finding fault with Dan. After she accidentally learns the truth about her parents' marital woes, a stunned Katie runs into the outdoors—and gets lost. Jordan finds her and they shelter for the night at his cabin after a sudden snowstorm hits. As Katie warms up, so does the attraction she's now feeling for the best man.

Once I started reading A WEDDING IN DECEMBER, I found myself hooked and eagerly wanting to find out what happened next. Maggie, Rosie, and Katie are endearing characters that will make you want to root for them. It's inevitable that secrets come out, but it's part of the healing process. After thoroughly enjoying A WEDDING IN DECEMBER I had to give it one of Romance Reviews Today's Perfect 10's . Set around the Christmas holiday, it will make you cry, make you laugh, and it's an unforgettable read. Don't miss A WEDDING IN DECEMBER.

Patti Fischer