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Canary Street Press
ISBN: 9781335005120
ISBN - 10: 1335005129
September 2023

Vermont - Present Day

For Hattie Coleman, a young widow with a five-year-old daughter, the Maple Sugar Inn is not only her home, but it's her responsibility since her husband's tragic death. She is struggling to keep it afloat, and with a full booking for the holidays, things are stressful. With an overbearing housekeeper who bullies Hattie more than working for her, and a testy, but very popular chef, Hattie is finding her life spiraling out of control. And now her chef has walked out!

Despite the difficulties, Hattie still greets her customers warmly, wondering how she will find a chef. When her housekeeper starts attacking her again over how Hattie's husband wouldn't approve of decisions she's made, Hattie fires the woman. This happens just as three women arrive for a week, hoping to enjoy the classic inn, and have their annual book club get together. 

Erica is a top executive who has always put her work first. Raised by a single mother when her father deserted them at Erica's birth, she has learned not to rely on anyone, not to let her emotions show, and to be wary of commitment. But she is also at the inn for a separate reason that she hasn't revealed to her friends. 

Claudia has just been dumped by her boyfriend of ten years and has lost her chef's job in California. Unsure of what her future will bring, she is hoping for a week with her friends, and to recover, if possible, from all of the hurt she's going through. Claudia used to love cooking but is considering finding another way to make a living.

For Anna, being away from home during the Christmas season is difficult. Especially since her twins will soon be flying the nest as they move on to college. Anna has always relished being a mother and caring for her family. She and her husband, Pete, are the envy of Erica and Claudia who think of them as the perfect couple. But are they as happy as they seem?

THE BOOK CLUB HOTEL is a sweet, emotionally packed story of four women coming together at stressful parts of their lives. Will they be able to help each other through their various issues? The Maple Sugar Inn is a magical place, especially during the holiday season - will that magic cure their woes?

Jani Brooks

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