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Canary Street Press
ISBN: 978-1-335-63095-7
May 4, 2023
Contemporary Fiction

Island of Corfu, Greece – Present Day

Bestselling romance author Catherine Swift is getting married and sends written letters to her two daughters, Adeline and Cassie, inviting them to the wedding ceremony at her home on the island of Corfu. Neither daughter was even aware that their mother was seeing someone, and Catherine didn’t mention the groom’s name in her letters to them. Adeline has been estranged from her mother since childhood after she was sent to live with her father. It doesn’t help that her parents divorced because Catherine had an adulterous affair which resulted in Cassie’s birth. Cassie wishes she could be closer to her sister, but Adeline has made no attempt to be friendly. 

Adeline has just split from her long-time boyfriend and arrives on the island with more of a curiosity as to whom her thrice-married mother is now marrying. Cassie picks her up and the two sisters talk. It is decided to drop the animosity between them for now because both are curious why Catherine has decided to marry a man neither has met. Cassie has a secret of her own that she is excited to share with her mother and sister. She has written a romance novel loosely based on her parents’ romance and marriage. She has a romanticized history of Catherine falling for the handsome stranger. Sadly, the marriage ended when he died in an accident. 

Shortly after arriving at their mother’s estate, Adeline and Cassie are introduced to Catherine’s fiancé. It is the first of many shocks that the sisters discover in THE ISLAND VILLA. As they each decipher what they’ve learned, they go on a journey of discovery about themselves. Even Catherine is dealing with something. She has been at the top of the bestselling charts and number one with her publisher, but now her popularity has fallen, and her editor is talking about reducing her visibility. What her editor doesn’t know is that Catherine has veered off into another genre where there is not a happily-ever-after. Will her publisher want her newest manuscript, or is she destined to always remain that popular romance author?

THE ISLAND VILLA is that perfect beach read and is filled with enough angst and twists to keep readers entranced. Along the way, Adeline rekindles a friendship from her long-ago time in Corfu. Will it lead to a romance? Will she forgive her mother for sending her away to live with her father, a man who was deeply hurt by his wife’s betrayal in cheating on him? Meanwhile, Cassie can’t stop thinking about the man she left behind…her male roommate Oliver. They are just best friends, but Cassie begins to think about him as more than just friends. When she is hit with a shock, she wishes he was there to console her. Catherine is happy with the man she has chosen to marry as it’s a chance to spend the rest of her life with the man she truly loves. But her choice has thrown her relationship with her daughters into disarray.

There is lots of emotion and drama in THE ISLAND VILLA and readers will find it hard to put down. There is a thread that ties the women together, but it might be broken if they can’t get the past resolved in order to look toward the future. With all the drama, handwringing, and trying to do the right thing, THE ISLAND VILLA will keep readers entertained. 

Patti Fischer

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