HIS COMMAND – Sophie H. Morgan
A Playboy Genie Romance , Book 2
St. Martin's Swerve, eBook
ISBN: 978-1-250-12922-2
August 2017
Fantasy Romance

New York City – Present Day

A dedicated wedding planner, Hailey does the best she can even though her heart was broken a few months ago when her then boyfriend turned down her marriage proposal. To her horror, he is now engaged to a woman who has contracted with the company she works for to provide a glitzy society wedding. One night while attending a charity auction, Hailey spots a handsome man she immediately recognizes as one of the infamous Genies, who can grant one wish to a mortal who wins them. The Genie, Ryder, comes over to Hailey, but she pretends she's not interested in him. But to her surprise, she wins the auction granting her one wish from Ryder.

What Hailey doesn't know is that Ryder used his magic to ensure she won the bid. She is reluctant to accept her “prize” and he becomes insistent. For whatever reason, Ryder finds himself attracted to the woman with soulful eyes. She is soon dealing with her ex and his wedding, which makes her unhappy, so Ryder embarks on a plan to make her forget her woes. While he brings a smile to her face—and his—there is one problem: as an immortal, he can't fall in love with a mortal.

Genies are well known and accepted in the fantasy world of HIS COMMAND by Sophie H. Morgan. Ryder and his twin, Leo, were “turned” into Genies to save the then ailing Leo, and they both enjoy the perks. Women flock to them and the Genies use their magic to whisk them to wherever they want to go or to use it to grant wishes for people. However, it is one wish per person. The sparks fly between Ryder and Hailey at the charity auction, and he wants to get to know her better, so he manipulates the auction with the idea that she'd use her wish on something that will make her smile. It just can't be granting herself immortality. She resists his attempts to decide on a wish and, at first, tries to avoid him, to no avail. Soon, Hailey is enjoying Ryder's company all too much.

Meanwhile, Hailey is dealing with her ex, Ethan, and his fiancée, who it turns out is very much aware of their past. Hailey wishes she could refuse the assignment, but her boss has backed her into a corner by telling her if she fails or backs out, she won't get the coveted promotion she wants. Hailey tries to keep a smile on her face, but Ethan seems intent on bringing up their past. His fiancée is intrigued when she learns Hailey is dating Ryder, because who wouldn't want to date a Genie? And her boss wants Hailey to land the services of a wealthy Genie and his fiancée now that she has the “inside link” to Genies. It's no wonder Hailey is feeling frazzled. But Ryder makes her feel oh-so-good.

While Ryder and Hailey's relationship turns sexual and they merrily enjoy each other's company, both realize that it can go no further. Genies are not allowed to marry mortals. Ryder is scared of death due to his twin's brush with it and also losing their mother to cancer. But will he fall in love and then must make the fateful decision whether to give up his powers to spend the rest of his life with Hailey, even if it makes him a mortal?

HIS COMMAND is filled with sexy Genies and a chuckle here and there. Hailey is adorable and Ryder is that guy you'd like to have in your life to serve you at your command. But is there a happily-ever-after in store for Hailey and Ryder? Find out in the engaging and enjoyable HIS COMMAND.

Patti Fischer