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THE WITCH IS BACK – Sophie H. Morgan
ISBN: 978-1-335-47604-3
August 15, 2023
Fantasy Romance

Chicago, Illinois – Present Day

Emmaline “Emma” Bluewater is a modern-day witch who doesn’t abide by the rules. She owns a bar in Chicago and regularly interacts with humans. She is considered a wallflower by Witch standards and that was cemented seven years ago after the warlock who had been betrothed to her since they were children ran off, refusing to marry Emma. To say the least, Emma’s mother blames her for what happened. Not that she can ever do right in her mother’s eyes. But Emma is happy, especially now that she is far away from her mother.

One night while working in the bar, a blast from her past reappears. Her former fiancé, Bastian Truenote, is back—and he insists that they marry. Why should Emma marry the man who once embarrassed her? However, Bastian has a reason why they should marry. Because he broke off the engagement, his mother is now cursed and likely to die unless he marries Emma. She agrees but wonders how things have changed. He didn’t want her then, why should he want her now?

THE WITCH IS BACK is a cute and funny tale about witches, warlocks, and the world of magic. Emma on the outside looks like any other person but she’s really a witch. Her mother wants to merge with Bastian’s family because it would give her greater power and influence. Emma’s late father drew up the contract and apparently, the conditions are tricky. Can Emma and Bastian find a way to break it, including the curse put on his mother? Because they need to make it appear that their planned marriage is on the up and up, he moves into Emma’s apartment. Of course, being under the same roof only creates tension, and that includes the sexual kind. 

Bastian gives off playboy vibes, but he really wants to do what is best for his family—and for Emma. When they were first engaged, neither was ready for marriage. Has that now changed, or will he stray from their marriage vows once they are married? Does Emma really want to get married after being embarrassed once? She isn’t the prettiest looking witch, and her self-esteem takes a hit at times. But she has one thing going for her: she cares about people, including her secret half-sister, Sloane, the result of her father’s dalliance with a human. Mating with a human is frowned upon and Emma fears that if her mother finds out, Sloane will be harmed. 

Meanwhile, Emma and Bastian go toe-to-toe over their planned marriage. She doesn’t think he’s serious about it and she only wants a marriage that involves love. Yet, there’s no denying the serious lusting that is going on between them. A few hot kisses soon turn into more. Has Emma given her heart to a dastardly wicked warlock? Will the secrets they’re carrying come out? Can the marriage contract be broken, and if so, do Emma and Bastian really want that to happen? A silly and sizzling tale of witchery and love that readers don’t want to miss in THE WITCH IS BACK.

Patti Fischer

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