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A HOLLY JOLLY EVER AFTER – Julie Murphy & Sierra Simone
ISBN: 978-0063222649
October 10, 2023
Romantic Comedy

Christmas Notch, Vermont – Present Day

Winnie Baker has been an actress for as long as she can remember. She co-starred in a family faith-based series that ran for years. Her family was religious, and she followed their beliefs by marrying her co-star, Michael. But after ten years, the marriage ended when she discovered that Michael was cheating on her. Her family is unhappy with her decision to divorce, so she has little contact with them. Meanwhile, Winnie has built a career as an adult, filming Christmas TV movies and is currently employed by the Hope Channel. But after their recent foray into a racier romance theme, they want Winnie to star in one. She agrees and only learns later that her co-star will be former boy band star and notorious sex tape star, Kallum Lieberman. The problem is that Kallum played a major role in getting Winnie labeled a trashy teen after the video music awards years ago. 

Kallum has built a life after music by opening a small chain of pizza restaurants in Kansas City. However, the chance to act and star in a movie for the Hope Channel is too good to turn down. The publicity, plus his past, will be good for business. He also has a reputation for having sex with bridesmaids at weddings. It is just a bad habit of his, one was videotaped and went viral. Instead of being embarrassed, Kallum copyrighted the video, and it is available everywhere. He remembers Winnie well from their teen years because he has had a crush on her since way back when. Working for Winnie is going to be a dream come true. 

Winnie and Kallum seem like a mismatched couple in A HOLLY JOLLY EVER AFTER, but they are really like two riders in a storm looking for love. Kallum learns shortly after arriving that Winnie isn’t sure how she can do a movie that will require love scenes because she has never had a real orgasm. He caught her watching his sex video and decided to offer to help her out with her problem. It is purely using his fingers, but he is successful. Of course, she wants more “assistance.” Winnie and Kallum are soon embarking on a full-fledged “friends with benefits” affair. The man is definitely talented in the sex department and Winnie is enjoying herself. 

There are plenty of sex scenes in A HOLLY JOLLY EVER AFTER as Winnie and Kallum get it on a lot. Of course, they are trying to keep it a secret because the paparazzi would go crazy if they found out squeaky clean Winnie was sleeping with wild bad boy Kallum. Adding flavor to the tale is the filming crew and friends of our couple. Readers will get a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on at movie sets. But most of the action is between Kallum and Winnie as they become more attracted to each other. Once the movie filming is over, will they go their separate ways?

An amusing and sexy tale right from the start, A HOLLY JOLLY EVER AFTER will tickle your funny bone as Winnie and Kallum stumble their way to falling in love. 

Patti Fischer

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