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A Chestnut Ridge Novel
St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN - 10: 125079417X
ISBN - 13: 978-1250794178
June 2023

Chestnut Ridge, Virginia - Present Day

Widow Natalie Maynard is returning from a magical vacation in Cancun that she spent with the new man in her life, Marc. He left a few days early to attend to business back in Virginia, so Natalie is traveling alone. But when she arrives home, her credit card is denied by the taxi service, and when she opens the door to the house she and Marc bought together, everything is gone - furniture, clothing, jewelry, and her car.

The detective assigned to Natalie's case, Randy Fellowes is determined to track down the con artist and also   to keep him from moving on to the next woman. He is also attracted to Natalie, but isn't sure that now is the time for a relationship with her. Assuring her that he will stay on the case, as well as keeping her informed of any updates, Randy tries to temper his need to see Natalie whenever he can.

One of the few things that Natalie's husband, Jeremy, left that wasn't stolen by Marc was his classic Mustang, giving her transportation. Moving in with her best friend, Sheila, Natalie knows she will have to find a way to move on. As a geriatric nurse, she could go back to that profession. Instead, she decides to continue with her artwork, making cards to sell, something she had been doing for fun before Marc came into her life. Knowing that she can't live with Sheila forever, Natalie moves to Chestnut Ridge and the cabin that Jeremy used for hunting and fishing. It's an isolated place, but upon arrival in the town, Natalie is immediately taken under the wing of a local woman who knew Jeremy. And soon, other townspeople are offering her assistance. 

Randy gets a few leads, and uses these as an excuse to keep in contact with Natalie. The more he is around her, the more difficult it is not to tell her how he feels about her. And Natalie is starting to get used to the handsome detective, enjoying his company more and more. But will Randy be able to track down the con man, and find a way to keep him from destroying another woman's life?

AND THEN THERE WAS YOU is an enjoyable tale with a realistic premise and likable characters. Chestnut Ridge inhabitants welcome Natalie with open arms, but they have a secret that they are keeping from her. How will she deal with another surprise in her life? 

A mystery, a romance, and the background of the Virginia mountains, AND THEN THERE WAS YOU is a quick, emotional read.

Jani Brooks

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