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ISBN: 978-0-06-314154-4
September 2023

Rhode Island - Present Day

Dani Campbell is a self-taught photographer from Brooklyn who is making it big in Manhattan with her creative works. But she has a niggling feeling that despite her present popularity, what she's doing is not going to last, and wonders why? Dani feels that there is something missing in her work. While on a shoot at an antique store, she finds an envelope containing some photographs that look brilliant and natural to her. She needs to find the photographer, a man named Lawrence Sinclair. And she does find him after a thorough search. He lives in a dilapidated old Victorian house in a small town in Rhode Island. And he's not happy to see her.

Lawrence Sinclair isn't who he pretends to be to Dani. While he grumbles at her after she all but pushes her way into his house, he's confused by her need to learn from him. He gave up photography years ago after his son's death, being blamed for the tragedy by both his wife and his daughter-in-law. Unable to deal with Lawrence's moods, his wife leaves him, and his son's wife, who heads the massive Sinclair corporation upon her husband's death, banishes Lawrence from her life, and her son's. To Dani, he's just a poverty stricken, sad old man, and she all but takes over the house, cooking, cleaning, and badgering Lawrence into guiding her. 

Lawrence's grandson, Peter, is sent to Rhode Island by his mother to find out about the spikey-haired young woman who has moved into the Sinclair house, claiming on the phone when Peter called that she's the cleaning lady. Thinking she is a gold-digger after the Sinclair money, Peter is both mesmerized, and angered, by the brash Dani. When she confronts him about his real reason for being there, he understands that she senses his reluctance to take over the family business and is afraid to deal with his mother over that issue. 

Three people who have little in common, but who are dealing with memories, lack of confidence, and an inability to face inner feelings, come together and begin to confront all of their issues. Bold, up-front Dani loves her job, but wants to understand what she loves about it. Lawrence has avoided his family, punishing himself for something that he had no control over. And Peter just wants to be a good local lawyer, not a corporate legal manager of a business in which he has little interest. Add a small local convent that is in dire straits, a community in need of bolstering, and a high-paying advertising shoot that could put Dani on the front page of every magazine, and you have the PICTURE PERFECT AUTUMN. It's a delightful read.

Jani Brooks

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