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ISBN: 978-0063222243
October 17, 2023
Contemporary Fiction

Corgi Cove, Texas – Present Day

Rosie Reynolds knows that her aunt and uncle’s inn is on the verge of bankruptcy, but like them, she keeps hoping that something will happen to keep it open. One day, Everett St Claire arrives at the inn with an offer from the company he works for to buy the inn. But the company’s plan for the inn would likely mean tearing it down and building an exclusive resort—and it would also leave Rosie homeless as she lives in a cabin on the property. But before Everett can further discuss the offer, Rosie’s uncle has a medical emergency that ends with him in the hospital for days. 

Meanwhile, Everett works on getting Rosie to convince her aunt and uncle to sell, but she’s adamant that this won’t happen. She wants to see the inn renovated and filled with customers. But in the condition that it is in now, that likely won’t happen without an influx of money. Everett is sympathetic to Rosie’s dilemma, but he is getting pressured by his employer to close the deal. However, he soon finds himself enjoying himself in Corgi Cove—especially being with Rosie. But the future of the inn continues to come between them.

CHRISTMAS AT CORGI COVE is set near Christmas and takes place over several weeks. The name “Corgi Cove” could mean the corgi dogs that Rosie’s aunt and uncle own. The inn was once a grand place to stay but now has fallen into disrepair. Rosie has grown to love the inn and the area after she was dumped there at the age of fifteen by her mother who grew tired of Rosie’s teenage antics. In this tale, there are many minor characters, and I won’t list them all. The main focus is on Rosie, Everett, and the inn. They battle at first, then declare a somewhat truce. The fact that he is there to facilitate the purchase of the inn keeps coming between them. Never mind the fact that they are growing attracted to each other. 

Readers will smile and shed a tear or two at the antics in CHRISTMAS AT CORGI COVE. The corgis are heathens named Bonnie and Clyde and they help provide a few lighthearted moments. Rosie’s aunt and uncle waver between wanting to keep the inn open to realizing that it may not be possible. It is Rosie who is determined to keep the inn up and running, but she realizes that some kind of miracle will need to happen. When a contest for the most intriguing inn is shown to Rosie, she has the bright idea to enter it. Everett realizes that if they win, his chance to get them to sell is going to fly out the window. Not a good thing when his supervisor threatens to remove him and replace him with someone who just might force the sale. What will happen? Will Rosie and her family win the contest? Will Everett win her heart?

Come for the fun in CHRISTMAS AT CORGI COVE and stay for the end as you won’t be able to predict how it ends until it does. An intriguing and enjoyable tale, be sure not to miss CHRISTMAS AT CORGI COVE.

Patti Fischer

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