Silver Springs , Book 1
Harlequin Special Edition
ISBN: 978-0-373-62338-9
April 2017
Contemporary Romance

Present Day Silver Springs, California

All her efforts have finally born fruit when Cora Kelly learns the identity and the whereabouts of her birth mother. Now it only remains to see her and learn why she wasn't wanted. It was never Cora's intention to hurt anyone, so she never told her adopted parents of her search; they are good people who love her.

Aiyana Turner, Cora's birth mother, also seems to be good people. She founded and runs New Horizons Boys Ranch, a boarding school for troubled teenage boys. Cora has a degree in Art Education and is able to get a job teaching art at the ranch. She plans to wait and see if—and when—she tells Aiyana she's the daughter she gave away at birth.

Silver Springs is vastly different from Cora's home town of Los Angeles, but she begins to get to know people and make friends. She likes and admires Aiyana, who has never married but has adopted eight of the boys. The eldest, Elijah Turner, runs the ranch. Eli came to Horizons from a horribly abusive home that left him with emotional scars, yet his kind way with the boys—and his good looks—impress Cora. As they grow close, she wonders how he would react to her being his adopted mother's daughter. Is he another who would be hurt by her secret?

FINDING OUR FOREVER digs deeply into the psyches of Cora and Eli. It's a moving story that will keep readers wanting to learn how it turns out for all.

And as the first of a new small town series, I wonder if some of the characters will be met again in future books. Look for NO ONE BUT YOU and UNTIL YOU LOVED ME in coming months. I sure will.

Jane Bowers