Return of the Texas Heirs , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2751
ISBN: 978-1-335-20927-6
August 2020
Contemporary Series Romance

Texas – Present Day

Billionaire Wade Sterling had been fishing out on the Gulf when an incoming storm forced him to leave early. On his way home, a sudden rainstorm pummels the road, causing flash flooding. Before Wade can react, his pickup truck slides off the road and into a creek. He wakes up to find out a woman, Ava Carter, has rescued him. However, Wade has no memory of who he is and no ID. They can't go to a hospital or law enforcement due to the blocked roads, so Ava takes him to her nearby home and offers him a place to stay. Will her healing him back to health help Wade remember?

Ava finds herself attracted to Wade, but she can't let herself fall for him. He might be married, engaged, or have a girlfriend. However, she can't stop the attraction, especially when it becomes mutual. Ava contacts the local authorities and soon learns that he is Wynn Sterling (his devious twin who had taken advantage of Wade being missing to temporarily assume his identity). They finally give in to the desire, yet they both know that they are living in a bubble that could be broken when he returns to his old life once they are able to get out. What happens when Wade returns to Dallas and realizes who he really is…and the life he had led prior to meeting Ava?

Wade and Ava experience an instant attraction the moment they met despite the harrowing circumstances. Ava has a second home in a remote area near Houston, with a job as an occupational therapist in Dallas. With the water over the road on the only way out, they have to hunker down together for a few days. At first, Wade and Ava fight the attraction, but the temptation is too much to resist. Once they give in, they both wonder if they can try maintaining their relationship in Dallas. But until Wade remembers who he really is, they might end up finding a shocker or two…

Their bond grows tighter the longer they are together, but soon the water recedes, and it's time to return to reality. Wade makes plans for Ava and him to get together in Dallas. Will he arrive home to discover the truth about who he really is…and if he left someone behind? Will Ava find her heart broken? What about the sneaky shenanigans by his brother, Wynn? What's up with that?

IN BED WITH THE RANCHER is an endearing and sensual tale that readers don't want to miss. Grab a copy today.

Patti Fischer