Billionaires & Babies  series
Harlequin Desire #2575
ISBN: 978-1-335-97135-7
March 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

Dallas, Texas – Present Day

Widowed oil baron Nick Duncan plans to never marry again after losing his wife and baby son in an airplane crash, though he will have a fling now and then. One day, schoolteacher Talia Barton shows up and announces to Nick that he fathered a now fourteen-month-old girl who recently lost her mother. Nick is stunned, to say the least, and isn't sure he is cut out to raise the child, but DNA proves that she is his. Talia has been raising the child and loves her with all her heart, but the state would step in if she tried to claim her. With much regret, Talia turns to Nick and plans to hand over his daughter to him. Then Nick offers her a chance to be with the little girl forever: marry him.

Nick feels he'll never love again but if he can convince Talia to marry him for convenience's sake, then his daughter, Hattie, will be loved and cared for. However, there is a tingling of attraction between him and Talia, so he offers the chance for them to sleep together, no love required. Talia agrees, but it soon turns into a passionate desire for each other that neither expects.

Nick has been mourning the loss of his wife and son for a few years and has built a shell around his heart. The entrance of Talia and Hattie into his life has him opening it…and it scares him. He's afraid of loving again because he's afraid of losing someone once more. Talia has initial misgivings about marrying Nick, but her love for Hattie overcomes her fears. The sweet little girl deserves a home where both parents adore and love her and marrying Nick is the only way she can continue to be in her life. At first, Nick and Talia get to know one another and find themselves on the same page. Talia was unsure of the marital relations part of their pact, but their lovemaking is torrid and oh so satisfying. Will Talia lose her heart to Nick, even though he is clear on never loving again?

MARRIED FOR HIS HEIR by Sara Orwig features an adorable child and a woman determined to do whatever it takes to be with that little girl. Nick wasn't sure at first about Hattie, but once she's under his roof, along with Talia, he grows to adore his daughter. However, Nick will need to resolve his past before he can give his heart to Talia. It's a tough road, but will love win in the end?

MARRIED FOR HIS HEIR is an endearing tale about the discovery of love between a couple who thought they'd never find it again. Be sure to put this on your next book shopping trip.

Patti Fischer