Return of the Texas Heirs , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2757
ISBN: 978-1-335-20933-7
September 2020
Contemporary Series Romance

Texas – Present Day

The Reed and Blake families have been enemies for years, but the only members left in the area are neighboring ranchers Jake Reed and Claire Blake. One day, a wildfire raging out of control near his ranch has Jake driving around to check the progress of the fire. As he's driving by the Blake ranch, he catches sight of Claire in a field—and she's not paying attention to the fact that the fire is almost upon her. Without further thought, he races toward her and rescues her and the dogs she had been tending to. Shortly afterward, Claire learns that her home has been destroyed. With no place for her to go, Jake invites her to his “vacation” cabin.

Claire begins to think she is crazy after she accepts Jake's offer to stay at his place. But she has no other place nearby to stay. He drives them to his cabin thirty miles away, where they are alone—and they suddenly find themselves attracted to each other. Neither understands why their fathers hated one another, but the children have carried on the feud. Will Claire and Jake break the longstanding feud—and end up as lovers?

Claire and Jake attempt to mend the fences in ONE WILD TEXAS NIGHT by Sara Orwig. All they've ever known about each other is that their families hate each other, even if they don't understand why. Jake has only seen Claire from afar, but when he comes face to face with her during the race to escape the fire, he begins to feel a flicker of attraction. While they get to know one another during their stay at his cabin, the attraction grows between them. He begins to discover what a hard worker she is—while she begins to appreciate his kindness. It's inevitable that the attraction between them leads to hot kisses…and more. But will the family feud keep Jake and Claire from having a chance at a future together, even if they're not sure why their families hated one another in the first place?

ONE WILD TEXAS NIGHT has a bit of drama as this tale opens and Jake finds Claire in danger. A raging wildfire is nothing to mess with. But once they are safe—and alone at his cabin, their mutual desire turns to a passion for each other. However, there are some secrets between them—related to their families—that might be too much to overcome. See if Jake can win the heart and love of Claire. Don't miss ONE WILD TEXAS NIGHT.

Patti Fischer