Callahan's Clan , Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2535
ISBN: 978-0-373-83862-2
August 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Dallas and Downly, Texas – Present Day

Marc Medina has a dilemma and he knows he needs to make a decision right away or lose his inheritance. His dying grandfather has stipulated that Marc must marry within a month and stay married for at least one year, or he and his mother face losing their share of the estate. While Marc has built his own fortune, his mother would have serious issues without the money. With no woman in mind as his bride, he turns his attention on his executive secretary, Lara Seymour. When Lara informs him that she is pregnant and her ex is out of the picture, he sees the perfect opportunity to secure his inheritance. He puts it on the table for her: marry him for a year and she gets several hundred thousand dollars and a father for her child. She agrees, which pleases him, but soon he's wondering if they should add sexual relations to their agreement.

Lara has been secretly attracted to Marc, but he is way out of her league. After her ex dumped her after finding out she was pregnant, she is worried how she's going to support her child on a secretary's pay—and continue her dream of becoming a doctor. Marrying Marc is a golden opportunity, even if Lara fears falling for him. She requests that the marriage be in name only, even though Marc implies he wouldn't mind making love to her. Lara tries to resist the continually growing attraction for Marc, but soon she's giving in to his hot kisses. Will they turn their temporary marriage into the happily-ever-after kind?

A business only marriage shouldn't find a couple falling in love, but that is what happens in THE TEXAN'S BABY PROPOSAL. After Marc lost his wife in an accident, he hasn't moved on, so other than a few casual dates, he's not seeing anyone exclusively. This is why when his grandfather, who only has a few weeks to live, demands Marc marry, he's thrown for a loop. He needs to make sure his mother's future is secure by finding a wife who won't cling to him and make unnecessary demands. Lara has worked for him for a couple of years, but she hasn't stood out to him as a woman he'd date. But once he begins to take her out, she loosens her hair (literally) and he's intrigued. When Marc feels the stirring of desire for Lara and wants to add sex to the marriage pact and she says no, he becomes very persuasive.

Lara has no family to fall back on, and that works to Marc's advantage. The less people know the truth about their marriage, the better. In THE TEXAN'S BABY PROPOSAL, his mother tells him a secret from her past that is a shock to him. How will it change his legacy and his friendship with his best friend, Gabe Callahan? Meanwhile, Lara and Marc marry and, as another part of Grandfather's stipulation, move to the ranch, where they settle in as man and wife. It is this closeness that brings them together and they consummate their marriage. As Lara falls deeper for Marc, can she win his heart?

A secretary marries her boss for money and soon they're enjoying married life. An engaging and intriguing romance, grab a copy of THE TEXAN'S BABY PROPOSAL.

Patti Fischer