GHOST MAKER – Robin D. Owens
The Ghost Seer Novel , Book 5 of 5
A Perfect 10
InterMix EBook
ISBN: 978-0-6984-1159-3
October 2016
Paranormal Romantic Suspense

Colorado – Present Day

Ghost seer Clare Cermak is continuing her new “profession” reluctantly, but is determined to do it well. She was never asked to be a ghost seer, she inherited it from her great aunt, and eventually these abilities will be passed on to Clare's niece. Clare helps people move on, and right now she must find help from an unknown ghost to heal the spectral wound she received from an evil being while on another mission. Her lover, Zach Slade, and her ghostly Labrador, Enzo, are by her side to assist in that endeavor.

After a session with the Other, a being that speaks through Enzo, Zach learns that the only way to cure Clare's wound is to find a good ghost healer. When he and Clare are told by Zach's boss's wife about a feeling she has that a good ghost could be found in Manitou Springs, the two (with Enzo) head out of Denver to investigate. This also coincides with an assignment Zach has to find a teenager who has gone missing. The boy is the heir to an estate, and he ran away from his abusive, now deceased, father months ago.

Manitou Springs is filled with ghosts from Clare's inclusive era (she can only see those in the late nineteenth century). It soon becomes apparent that Clare needs to find a ghost who was a nun, but when she finds her, the young girl is stressed about helping others and keeps disappearing. In order for Clare to get Sister Julianna Emmanuel to help her, she must help the nun by finding the person who is kidnapping and killing boys from around the area. The sister has been helping the tortured boys, and her anguish makes it difficult to get her to help with Clare's pain.

GHOST MAKER is yet another excellent Ghost Seer novel. As Clare settles into her new life style, she also must work on her relationship with Zach. They are clearly in love, but both of them have independence issues that have to be settled. As a team, however, they are well suited as Zach has minor abilities to see or feel ghosts. As a former cop who was disabled on the job, he has contacts he can use, as well as training in protection.

Well written, GHOST MAKER is a character-driven tale that is fast paced and exciting. The conclusion is surprising as well as thrilling, so be prepared!

Jani Brooks