A Celta Novel
A Perfect 10
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-26393-8
August 2013
Paranormal Romance

Celta 421 Years after Colonization

At the excavation site of the lost starship Lugh's Spear, Jace Bayrum, is itching to explore it for its ancient artifacts. Sent down into the hole dug by the team, the beam he's on suddenly shifts and he falls. As he lay beneath piles of rubble Jace recalls how his father died, and how he, himself, almost died the day his mother deserted them. Since then, Jace has not allowed anyone into his life, although he knows he has a HeartMate somewhere. He's simply not prepared or in need of someone in his life on a permanent basis, no matter who it is.

Jace's HeartMate, SecondLevel Librarian Glyssa Licorice, immediately senses the danger he is in and sends her Flair to help him. When she is certain Jace is safe, she realizes she's dropped valuable recordspheres that have tales from the original colonists on them. Glyssa's goal to advance to FirstLevel Librarian could be in jeopardy if the three member panel deciding her fate were to learn of her unprofessional behavior. The fact that the panel consists of her mother, father, and older sister doesn't make any difference; they are sticklers for perfection. But when Glyssa is offered  a chance to do some research at the Lugh's Spear camp by her best friend, Camellia DarJeeling D'Hawthorn, Glyssa uses this opportunity to not only enhance her chances of advancement, but to be closer to Jace.

The arrival of former lover Glyssa and her new Fam, a young fox named Lepid, sets Jace's teeth on edge. He is extremely attracted to her, and the sexual dreams they share once she settles into her pavilion on the camp grounds are earth shattering. But Jace is a determined man, and getting further involved with the lovely Glyssa isn't in his future. However, Glyssa has other plans. Both are side tracked, though, when it becomes apparent that someone in the vast camp does not want the expedition to succeed. Accidents, explosions, and missing artifacts have everyone on edge.

HEART FORTUNE is the latest tale in the beautifully written Celta series.  Characters from previous novels appear, and new ones are introduced. Jace and Glyssa are worlds apart in their upbringing and goals, but emotionally they have much more in common. As they work to find a way into the ancient starship, and to try to discover who the enemy is, the two become more than just friends. As usual, the Fams provide levity as well as assistance, and the amazingly crafted society takes readers to a futuristic world that is teeming with excitement, and oh so human emotions.

HEART FORTUNE can easily be a stand-alone book, but I highly encourage new readers to start at the beginning of this delightful series. Check out Robin D. Owens's website for the entire list: http://www.robindowens.com/

Jani Brooks