HEART SIGHT – Robin D. Owens
A Perfect 10
Berkley Sensation
ISBN – ebook: 978-0-4514-8818-3
ISBN – 978-0-4514-8817-6
December 2017
Paranormal Romance

Druida City, Celta,424 Years after Colonization, Summer

The Prophet of Celta, Vinni T'Vine (Muin), is responsible for a lot of people, particularly his family. He also feels especially responsible for his HeartMate, Avellana Hazel, because it seems there is a concerted effort by unknowns who want to harm her because of her personal Flair, and possibly because she is following the Intersection of Hope religion. The Traditionalist Stance political movement targeted her, among others, before it was destroyed. Avellana has always been considered “different” to Celtans because of her Flair, which is kept as secret as possible.

Muin has horrible dreams about threats to Avellana and he has had her sent away from Druida City several times in order to protect her. But Avellana chafes at this behavior and is now determined to follow her own dreams. She has invested in Multiplicity, a new town being built by Antenn Blackthorn-Moss, and plans to build a home there. Despite the fact that she and Muin are to be married in two months, she wants her own escape spot. However, it's obvious there is someone in Druida City who wants to kill Avellana when she is tricked into transporting somewhere to meet Antenn, only it isn't Antenn who contacted her.

In Muin's attempt to protect his HeartMate, his attempts seem to just alienate her as she struggles for her independence. If he can only find out who is threatening her!

HEART SIGHT is another of the wonderful stories of Celta, a planet settled by Earthans. This new world is filled with magic, long-lived humans, and their Fams, various animals who communicate with them. Ms. Owens has used her amazing imagination to build this incredible realm, introducing us to a language and environment based on Celtic history. Each new book includes previous characters, and brings to life astonishing people with phenomenal abilities. Beautifully written, HEART SIGHT was difficult to put down. Do yourself a favor and visit the author's website and start from the beginning http://robindowens.com/?page_id=2 .

Jani Brooks