Asking For It
– Book 2

A Perfect 10
ISBN: 978-0-425-27949-6
September 2015
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Texas – Present Day

Vivienne thought she and Jonah had the perfect relationship. He was an amazing guy, and the first one to ever give her what she needed in bed. But when he found out the truth about Vivienne's rape, and why her sexual preferences are the way they are—he couldn't continue the relationship without feeling like a monster. For his own mental stability, Jonah has put a halt to their games, and possibly to the whole relationship itself.

But Vivienne and Jonah's bond is much more than just in the bedroom, and it's not long before they find themselves together again. But Jonah hasn't always kept his sexual interests a secret, and now that a rapist is terrorizing the city, an ex-girlfriend has listed Jonah as a prime suspect. Just as Vivienneand Jonah thought they were building a life together, their pasts come back to tear them apart—and tear them down.

BEGGING FOR IT is dark, even emotionally painful. But it is also something special. Author Lilah Pace gives the reader two characters who are so incredibly written, you cannot think of them as anything other than real, and a close friend. Their story—both past and present—is heart wrenching. This emotional rollercoaster well deserves the Perfect 10 rating it has been given. I have never read about a relationship so sick, yet so healthy at the same time. Lilah Pace knows how to write a compelling story that will leave readers in tears—be they happy or sad.

What makes this book something special is that it's not just two broken people getting together to become whole and fixed—it's two broken people coming together and realizing that no one gets better all the way. They still have the scars of their past and, together, they can work towards a life that isn't defined by what happened to them.

BEGGING FOR IT is a direct sequel to ASKING FOR IT (June 2015), and the second book will not make sense without the first. It is also not for the faint of heart, due to Jonah's and Vivienne's histories and their relationship in the bedroom.

Amanda Toth