Wyoming Men , Book 7
HQN Books
ISBN: 978-0-373-80372-9
November 2017
Contemporary Romance

Catelow, Wyoming, the Present

Colleen Thompson, known as Colie, suffered the loss of her beloved mother two years ago, when she was but seventeen. Colie now cares for the house and her father, Reverend Thompson, and her brother Rodney, as well as working in a law office. Colie and Rod had always been close until he returned a changed man from army service in Iraq. Now her life is changing some more. Rod brings home an army friend for supper. J.C. Calhoun, at thirty-two, is older than Rodney; he works as head of security on a huge cattle ranch. He's not only handsome, he stirs strange feelings in Colie, who is a complete innocent. J.C. is attracted to Colie, whom he believes is older than she is, and he doesn't believe any woman is innocent. Not after being completely fooled by a woman he loved who turned out to be a gold-digging pro. Colie falls hard for J.C.

The story follows a complicated tale of tangled relationships full of angst, love, friendship, kindness, loss and betrayal. It takes time, but eventually leads to a happy ending.

WYOMING WINTER has some terrific characters. Readers' sympathies are going to be with Colie, and their admiration for the good and loving Reverend Thompson who warned Colie, but never withheld his love. Then there is a little girl with a strange talent . . . but I'll leave you to wondering about her.

Jane Bowers