TAILORED FOR TROUBLE - Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
A Perfect 10
Happy Pants , Book 1
Ballantine Books
ISBN: 978-1-101-96722-5
August 2016
Contemporary Romance

Present Day, Around the world

Bennett Wade doesn't like to hear the word no . So when Taylor Reed refuses to work for him as an attitude consultant, he takes matters into his own hands by having airport security escort her to his private plane. This arrogant “my way or the highway” attitude is exactly what Taylor's program is designed to eradicate, but she's not sure she can stand being around him long enough to teach him. And after finding out about a certain bet he had going with some of her past clients, Taylor does say yes , but she plans to use mock training files that would teach him all the wrong things, hoping his business deal would fall through.

The more time Taylor spends with Bennett as they fly around the world, the more she realizes he's not that bad of a guy, and his jerk-like tactics are all helping him achieve one specific, important goal. She doesn't know what his motivations are, but whatever his end-game is, it's big and very important to him. When a misunderstanding involving the fake training modules blows up in her face, will Taylor be able to make the bossy CEO see reason?

TAILORED FOR TROUBLE starts off like any other millionaire CEO romance, but quickly distinguishes itself with Bennett's weird quirks and Taylor's habit of saying exactly what she means. Author Mimi Jean Pamfiloff will have readers laughing out loud on one page, gushing with sweetness on the next, and crying by the next chapter.

I'm giving this book its well-deserved Perfect 10 rating because the second I finished it, I wanted to pick it right back up and start over. Bennett's motivations kept me guessing from the beginning, and the author doesn't pull any punches when it comes to emotional impact. TAILORED FOR TROUBLE just hit all the right notes, and I personally cannot wait to see what the author comes up with next.

Next in the Happy Pants series is ALL LEATHERED UP, coming sometime in 2017.

Amanda Toth