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ISBN: 978-0063040106
August 15, 2023
Romantic Comedy

England – Present Day

Petunia “Pet” De Vereen enjoys her job as a personal assistant to the Royal’s newest member, the husband of a princess. Unfortunately, Johnny is a klutz, which means that Pet is often on the receiving end of his blunders. Luckily for Pet, royal bodyguard Matthias Vaughn is often around to prevent her from getting hurt. But after a vicious paparazzi member insinuates that Pet is having an affair with Johnny after an inadvertent photo, it is suggested that Pet and Matthias pretend to be dating. This will mean appearing affectionate in public and going to events together. Will it work?

Matthias is what one would call a burly bodyguard. He is big and muscular and rarely smiles. But Pet senses that beneath his stern exterior lies a man who might be able to pull off the job of pretending to be her boyfriend. She doesn’t know him well, but since they will have to be alone together, it gives her a chance to dig a little to find out what makes him tick. Soon, their alone time is stirring up an attraction between them. Will their pretend romance turn into the real thing?

It's a fun romance for Pet and Matthias in the rollicking CODENAME CHARMING. Though at times they aren’t looking for the trouble, it finds them. This includes a run-in with a foul mouth bird that Johnny mistakenly thought had been stolen. It’s up to Pet and Matthias to return it to a royal suite before its owner misses it. Alas, it wasn’t as easy as they thought when they end up stuck in a closet after the husband returns early to the room, with romance on his mind with the lady who is not his wife accompanying him. Will Pet and Matthias be discovered? Will their ears be forever burned by what they overhear while the couple gets amorous? But one thing that happened during that time is that it amped up the sexual attraction between Pet and Matthias. Will it lead to a tryst of their own?

If you love silly romances, then CODENAME CHARMING is the one for you. Pet is the ever-faithful royal employee while Matthias is the best royal bodyguard a kingdom can have. But there is plenty of behind-the-scenes pomp and circumstance that goes on as readers will soon discover. There is always a delicate balance between keeping the press happy and maintaining privacy for the royals. Pet and Matthias show the madcap ways the staff keeps everyone happy—and a royal household running smoothly. Along the way, we learn more about Pet and Matthias’s backgrounds. One is Pet discovering that she has a doppelganger nearby. Will this lead to her finding out who her father is? Will our fearless couple find love and their own happily ever after? 

A charming and witty romance, don’t miss CODENAME CHARMING.

Patti Fischer

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