Morgan Ranch , Book 5
ISBN: 978-1-4201-4473-4
July 31, 2018
Contemporary Romance

Morgantown, California – Present Day

World champion bull rider Rio Martinez is helping his friends, the Morgan brothers, on their dude ranch for the summer. After spending so much time on the road in his quest for greatness, this three-month hiatus is just what he needs. Rio is intrigued by local French baker Yvonne Payet and uses whatever excuses he can find to be around her. Of course, the Morgan family helps out, and soon the friendship between Rio and Yvonne is heating up. He wants more, but she keeps him at bay because she's not looking for a temporary fling.

Yvonne has been married before and knows that Rio is not into committed relationships. That would be fine with her, but she fears the handsome cowboy will break her heart. She already saw herself dominated by a man who then left her high and dry. Rio seems nice, but is he someone she should get involved with? Then there is the matter of whether Yvonne is divorced yet or not. Her ex did a number on her and moved out of the country and there's been little contact. After a television production company contacts Yvonne about a possible cooking show, it's Rio who comes to her aid in advising her. Turns out Rio knows a lot about the business world because he once worked with his wealthy father.

Rio is a man of many talents, but turning his charms on Yvonne tests his abilities in THE BILLIONAIRE BULL RIDER by Kate Pearce. Rio was raised by a strict and unloving father and started out in the company but gave it all up when he showed some prowess in bull riding. Now a world champion, he's taking a break before he starts on his quest to defend his title. The opportunity at the Morgan Ranch is ideal for Rio as he enjoys the work and the people. Of course, he wants to know Yvonne even better. As his friends push them together, it makes it impossible for them not to interact with one another. The sexual chemistry sizzles between them, and as Rio continues to work his charms on Yvonne, she keeps pushing him away. He jumps at the chance to help her on the TV deal, which will include a trip to San Francisco. Will they finally get a chance to act on the simmering passion that's brewing between them? Will the opportunity to meet his family put too much pressure on her?

Working in her bakery and restaurant keeps Yvonne busy, but this doesn't stop her from being aware of Rio. As she ponders whether to give in to the desire between them, she hears from her ex. He is going be in California and wants to meet with her. Will Yvonne finally find out if she's divorced? What is her ex wanting from her? Meanwhile, she wonders if she is getting in way over her head by agreeing to star in a cooking show. As Rio soothes Yvonne's fears, they grow closer. But even as they appear to drift into finally acting upon their attraction, something always seems to come between them. 

THE BILLIONAIRE BULL RIDER is part of the  Morgan Ranch series, and all the prior characters appear in this tale. However, the focus is on Rio and Yvonne's romance, which means it can be read as a standalone without too many problems. The “family” just keeps growing.

Rio and Yvonne's romance is cute, funny and endearing and a tale that readers will surely enjoy. Rio might be a cowboy, but he shows he has other invaluable skills. Yvonne has no intention of letting another man control her life or break her heart, but will she give in to the sexy and charming Rio? Grab a copy of THE BILLIONAIRE BULL RIDER and be prepared to immerse yourself in some fun reading.

Patti Fischer