WHEN STARS COLLIDE – Susan Elizabeth Phillips
A Chicago Stars Novel
William Morrow
ISBN: 978-0-06-297308-5
June 29, 2021
Contemporary Romance

United States – Present Day

Chicago Stars backup quarterback Thad Owens is roped into a cross-country promotional campaign for a brand of premier watches. His co-brand ambassador will be star opera singer Olivia Shore, whom he nicknames “The Diva.” Neither is looking forward to the weeks of traveling around the country promoting watches with numerous press appearances, especially since they don't exactly hit it off right away. Thad thinks Olivia is stuck up, while she believes that he is arrogant. But for the press, they must pretend to play nice with each other. Will they survive their time together—or end up killing each other?

Olivia has a secret. She is currently unable to sing due to the shock of her former fiancé's suicidal death. Just before he died, he sent her an email telling Olivia of his suicide plans and that it was her fault. She feels guilty, leading to her being unable to sing—which is bad when you're an opera singer and you have an important gig in a few weeks. Soon after their tour begins, Thad discovers Olivia's secret—and that she is also receiving threatening notes supposedly from her late ex blaming her for his death. These can't be real, or is someone trying to psych out Olivia? Things get even scarier after Olivia is nearly mugged in New Orleans. Is her life in danger? It brings them closer and Thad vows that he will do whatever it takes to protect Olivia.

Soon after WHEN STARS COLLIDE opens, Thad and Olivia start bickering. Yet, underlying the sparring there is sexual tension. This is what happens when you throw together an attractive, headstrong couple. They eventually become friends, but it soon changes to sexual attraction. Once the tour is over, Thad and Olivia won't likely see each other as she's not into football and he's not into the opera. So, why not a little fling to cap off their trip together? Thad promises to help Olivia get her mind off the threatening notes and other things, while Thad gets to bed the pretty diva. She finally agrees to Vegas being their night together in bed, but unfortunately, things go awry…

WHEN STARS COLLIDE is the latest installment in Susan Elizabeth Phillips's long- running Chicago Stars series that revolves around a professional football team. You don't have to have read the other books to read this tale as it works as a standalone. As with the others in the series, there is snappy dialogue and laugh-out-loud scenes. Never let it be said that things will work out exactly as to how our characters want it to happen. Olivia is uptight around Thad, but deep down she is just as happy at home lounging around, just as he likes to hang out with his buddies.

Thad wants to be the starting quarterback, but he has never been good enough to permanently keep the job. Right now, he is playing second fiddle to starter Clint Garrett, who Thad thinks is an idiot (even if they still hang out together). And as he approaches the twilight of his football career, he is beginning to think about retirement. Meanwhile, Thad has to complete this tour with a woman who is as cold as ice…until he discovers how to melt her. Thad isn't looking for something longer than a night or two with Olivia, but their sexual chemistry sizzles off the pages. If they can meet halfway while working together, maybe they can work on a future together.

A funny and entertaining tale right from the first chapter, WHEN STARS COLLIDE is that perfect beach read when you want to be swept away in the lives of a couple who are as different as night and day. Don't miss the latest winner from Ms. Phillips. Grab a copy of WHEN STARS COLLIDE.

Patti Fischer