MY ROYAL SIN – Riley Pine
Arrogant Heirs , Book 2
Harlequin Dare
ISBN: 978-1-488-08252-8
June 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

Kingdom of Edenvale – Present Day

Prince Benedict is following what he considers his father's wishes by entering the priesthood, with one more month to go before he takes his final vows. A woman arrives at the castle and offers herself to him. Benedict's vows to God are powerful enough to not give in, but the woman, Evangeline Vernazza, intrigues him. He invites her to stay with him at the palace, where he would pay her triple what she normally receives as a whore so that he can have his way with her  excep t for the completion of the sex act. Is Benedict playing with fire?

Evangeline isn't really a whore but was sent by a group threatening her family with death, and her mission is to obtain a long-lost map to an eternal spring that is believed to be somewhere inside the castle. Of course, she can't tell Benedict the real reason she's there because if it's revealed, her family will die. In MY ROYAL SIN, there is plenty of heavy foreplay as Benedict enjoys Evangeline's body—though they don't complete the sexual act…at least at first.

MY ROYAL SIN is connected to MY ROYAL TEMPTATION but is a complete standalone in the  Arrogant Heirs  series. Benedict has suffered mental anguish knowing he isn't his father's real son as his mother slept with another man. For this reason, he follows what he believes is his father's wishes to enter the priesthood so that he can be pushed aside silently into the background. The entrance of Evangeline into his life has Benedict fighting the battle inside himself to remain faithful to God or to give into the lust he feels for her. Maybe he can have a little “fun” with her until he has to leave for the seminary.

But Evangeline has a lot of problems that will have her choosing her family or being honest to Benedict. With her brother in prison for a crime he didn't commit and the threat of his death and that of their family over her head, she is caught between what is right and wrong. Their attraction is intense and smoking hot—and readers know that soon Benedict will be unable to resist the temptation to finally consummate their relationship.

MY ROYAL SIN is a bit dark and convoluted with the tale of the map and the people who are coercing Evangeline, and things move slowly at first. But about halfway through, the action kicks up and the story moves at a fast break pace. Even as Evangeline and Benedict solve the mystery of the map and get her family rescued, it's apparent that he will soon have to make a decision over whether to remain with her or complete his commitment to God. What is his answer? Find out in the sizzling MY ROYAL SIN.

Patti Fischer