A Novel in Pictures
Harper Collins's Ecco
ISBN: 978-0-06-196692-7
December 2017
A Graphic Historical Fiction/Romance

Virginia and Europe, 1941 to 1945

In a “novel” way, this story is told through letters and pictures of actual memorabilia as though it is a scrapbook put together by the heroine. It depicts Lila Jerome leaving home as World War II approaches, meeting and eloping with Perry Wald, a young enlistee Combat Engineer in the Army. Their time together is short.

As the letters back and forth between Lila and Perry tell their story, pictures and news print giving an atmosphere of the times are added to the narrative. I guarantee your interest will be piqued with one look at it. It turns out to be easy to follow, with a short afterword at the end.

This is Ms. Preston's second Scrapbook novel (see The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt, 2011). I haven't read it, but would welcome any other such production as THE WAR BRIDE'S SCRAPBOOK. As well as being moving, it was fun! Don't miss this captivating treat.

Jane Bowers