ALL THE WAY – Kristen Proby
Romancing Manhattan , Book 1
William Morrow
ISBN: 978-0-06-267491-3
August 2018
Contemporary Romance

New York City and Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts – Present Day

London Watson's parents were tragically killed in a fire that left her injured. As ALL THE WAY opens, London is still recovering from her injuries and is in an attorney's office to read the will alongside her only sibling, Kyle. The attorney (who is totally hot in London's opinion), Finn Cavanaugh, announces that Kyle, who is a drug addict, will only get a small portion of their parents' wealth and London inherits the rest. Kyle isn't happy about the news and storms out. Finn asks London if she fears for her safety and she tells him no. To help recover from her injuries, she heads to her family's beachfront home on Martha's Vineyard. Soon after, she learns to her surprise that Finn has the home next to hers.

Finn is attracted to London, but he's not in the market for a committed relationship. With the help of his little niece, Gabby, who is staying with him, he strikes up a friendship with London that soon turns into dating. Once back in New York City, their fling continues. Finn is used to controlling his relationships and wants to do the same with London, but she is all about maintaining her independence. Is their affair temporary…or can they find a future together?

London doesn't need the money as she's a Tony award-winning Broadway actress, though her career after the injuries is in doubt. She isn't surprised that her parents didn't want to give Kyle access to tons of money in their will as he'd only use it to feed his habit. As angry as Kyle is towards her, she doesn't fear him. London's main concern at the moment is recuperating enough to be able to return to Broadway. Finding out the cute attorney, Finn, is vacationing next door is a nice surprise. While she's not looking for a guy, he's nice and easy to talk to. She agrees to date him and things begin to heat up between them. Soon, they're planning to meet up in New York City. Meanwhile, she has occasional contact with Kyle, and readers will wonder if he will try to get money from her.

Finn comes from humble origins, but his law career has rewarded him nicely. He is close to his family—two brothers, his mother, and his niece. Before he even realizes what's happening, he's thinking about making room for London in his life on a long-term basis. As Finn approaches forty, he never thought he'd find a woman that he would want to spend the rest of his life with. But London could be that woman. However, she is full speed ahead on resuming her career, and it might take her to Hollywood. How would that affect their future together?

Kristin Proby pens a new series for readers in ALL THE WAY, about finding love in New York City. Besides London, Finn, and his family, this tale also has her best friend, Sasha, who is trying hard not to fall for a guy she's only planning to have sex with. Could the next tale in the  Romancing Manhattan  series be Sasha's story?

The chemistry sizzles between London and Finn in ALL THE WAY, and they bring the heat to the bedroom. They went into this relationship with no strings attached, but they're soon joined at the hip. But London and Finn have different personalities and goals that are sometimes at odds with each other. Can they find a way to work it all out? Find out if love wins in the end by picking up ALL THE WAY.

Patti Fischer