Burning Cove - Book 2
ISBN-13: 978-0-399-58532-6
May 2018

Burning Cove, California - 1930's

Heiress Adelaide Blake now calls herself Adelaide Brockton. She's hiding in the small beach town of Burning Cove, California where she's rented a cottage and has a job working in a small tea shop. Two months ago she escaped from the Rushbrook Sanitarium where she was held against her will after being drugged and subsequently incarcerated by a man she should never have trusted.

Jake Truett is renting the cottage just across the beach from Adelaide. Rumors say he's come to the beach to relax and escape the stress of losing his wife. Like clockwork each morning, Jake arrives at the tea shop where Adelaide works and orders the same green tea, nothing else. He watches everyone closely, especially Adelaide. They say he sold his import/export business after a nervous breakdown, but in actuality, he's in Burning Cove to find his wife's killer.

Conrad Massey claims to be Adelaide's husband. Determined to get her inheritance, he and his partners locked her away at Rushbrook in order to formulate and test a dangerous psychotic drug on Adelaide and the institution's other unsuspecting residents. Conrad is enraged. He has been searching for Adelaide for two months, but finally, he and his partners have discovered her hiding place...

Madam Zolanda is the famous Psychic to the Stars and she's come to Burning Cove to give the performance of her life at the Palace Theater. A hot spot on the beach, the town of Burning Cove has become the in-place for Hollywood's elite, and Madam Zolanda plans to make a financial coup.

Rushbrook's Dr. Harold Ormsby is dead. On the night of her escape, Adelaide watched as Ormsby was forced out of the sixth floor tower window, falling to his death. Hiding in the dark of the tower laboratory, she was unable to see the man who killed him, but she's sure it was Dr. Gill, and she knows he will eventually find her.

THE OTHER LADY VANISHES is Amanda Quick (Jayne Ann Krentz) suspense at its best! Jake and Adelaide are both running from their pasts, and together, they avoid the killers who are after Adelaide. A plethora of secondary characters brings us into the richness of the gilded age of Hollywood schemes, drugs, and underworld activities as the threads of this mystery twist in and around, ferreting out multiple killers and victims in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

THE OTHER LADY VANISHES is book two in the Burning Cove Series, following THE GIRL WHO KNEW TOO MUCH (May 2017). Both books stand alone and are great companion reads!

For palpable edge-of-your-seat suspense and a great who-dun-it, don't miss THE OTHER LADY VANISHES!

Diana Risso