TO BED THE BRIDE - Karen Ranney
An All For Love Novel
Avon Books
ISBN: 978-0-06-284108-7
December 2019
Historical Romance

Scotland and England - 1868

Logan McKnight, a Member of Parliament (MP), is home in Scotland and avoiding the public when he encounters a lovely young woman who seems to be trespassing on the Duke of Montrose's lands. She, however, insists it's her property and he must move the sheep who are hindering her ride. Stunned, Logan doesn't identify himself, but realizes that it's Eleanor Craig of Hearthmere, the owner of the land which borders where Logan is staying. He plays along with the charade of her thinking he's a shepherd, but is mesmerized by her, just the same. Logan can tell immediately that she is lonely by her behavior.

Eleanor is home at her beloved Hearthmere for a short two weeks, all that her fiancé in London is allowing. As the sole heir to her father's estate and the thoroughbreds that Hearthmere is renowned for, Eleanor was forced to move to London to live with her aunt when her uncle passed away. He had relocated his family to Scotland when Eleanor's father died to be her guardian. Now, Eleanor is engaged to the handsome, but overbearing Earl of Westcott who expects an obedient spouse, and who has made it clear that he will never live in Scotland. This has made Eleanor miserable, and it shows when she meets the enigmatic Logan on one of her rides. To make matters more complicated, he has gifted her with a puppy, because he feels she needs something to love.

Upon her return to London, Eleanor comes to realize just how little control she has over her life. The Earl has been discussing dismantling Hearthmere, selling the horses and furniture, and letting the staff go. Furious, but helpless, she confides in Logan, who had surprisingly been invited to her aunt's house for dinner one night. Soon, Eleanor is taking her puppy for walks and meeting with Logan. Where can this possibly lead?

It isn't until the Earl does something especially cruel, that Eleanor decides to fight back. But there are worse results to follow. Can Logan help? And what if he cannot, or won't?

TO BED THE BRIDE is another of Karen Ranney's excellent Victorian era novels. Her characters are always well drawn and realistic. Eleanor is a Scot, through and through, and her love for her homeland is made clear throughout this story. Her friendship with Logan blossoms, but will that help her in the end? 

Don't miss TO BED THE BRIDE, because it's a keeper.

Jani Brooks