TEMPTING TEXAS – Kimberly Raye
A Rebel Moonshine Novel , Book 3
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-06397-7
November 2016
Contemporary Romance

Rebel, Texas – Present Day

Jenna Tucker has lived all her life as a member of the reviled Tucker clan, a family impoverished by the scandal of being in the illegal moonshine business.  With her grandfather now dead, killed in a mysterious explosion while operating a moonshine still, Jenna is going through his things at the old house that she intends to renovate into her own business. Jenna stumbles across an old trunk filled with letters written by Clara Bell Sawyer—the Sawyers are the Tuckers biggest rivals, and they've feuded for several generations—and begins to read them. One night, Sheriff Hunter DeMassi shows up on her doorstep while he's undercover and trying to escape two gun toting moonshiners. Jenna has had little contact with Hunter in the past, but suddenly there's a sizzling attraction neither can deny. Part of the problem is that he's a Sawyer, and the families don't get along.

Hunter can have any woman he wants and knows getting involved with a Tucker is a sure way to rile up his family against him, so he keeps his distance from Jenna. Right now he's deep into investigating an illegal moonshine operation and can't afford to be distracted. But Jenna is definitely a BIG distraction every time they run into one another. His beloved great grandmother, Clara Bell Sawyer, is in a care facility and occupying his thoughts as she's the only one who seems to understand him. As Jenna continues to read the long ago letters written by Clara, what will she learn and how will it affect her relationship with Hunter? There's some amazing stuff in those letters.

Imagine living in a town you love but you're loathed because you are part of that no good family the Tuckers? Add in that you're falling for the town's badass sheriff who is part of the rival family? That's Jenna's problem in TEMPTING TEXAS, the final book in the Rebel Moonshine series by Kimberly Raye. Jenna is a veterinarian but gets no respect even from her coworkers because they lump her into being just like all the Tuckers. After being passed over for a promotion, she decides to start the process of opening her own practice, but first she has to clean out the old family home before the renovations can start. Hunter literally stumbled onto the porch that night in his escape from pursuers after he got caught snooping around the moonshine operation. He hasn't yet found out who the brains are behind the operation, so he can't make any arrests. Jenna knows a lot about the moonshine business since her grandfather was a known masher until he died. Throughout the Rebel Moonshine series there's been a running mystery of what happened the night the old guy died, and we finally learn the answer in TEMPTING TEXAS.

Meanwhile, Jenna and Hunter end up having a few secret (intimate) evenings talking and getting to know one another. The Sawyers would be shocked that he's talking to a Tucker since the ongoing feud still lives strong among the bickering families. Hunter wants Jenna badly . . . and they end up kissing. But kisses will lead to more, and neither is sure they want to give in. There is no future for them, so what's the point of an affair, especially when what they feel for each other seems so deep. Add in the secrets Jenna is discovering about Clara Bell Sawyer, and it may end up rocking their relationship before it even begins.

Jenna and Hunter's smoldering hot chemistry sizzles the pages in TEMPTING TEXAS. The lure of a forbidden romance will draw in readers and keep them glued to the pages. There is something about a Romeo and Juliet (badass style) romance that pulls at the heart. Grab TEMPTING TEXAS and be prepared to rock your reading world.

Patti Fischer