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DOG DAYS FOREVER – Shannon Richard
ISBN: 978-0063235618
February 28, 2023
Contemporary Romance

North Carolina – Present Day

Caroline Buchanan and Maximillian Abbot grew up together as children and then had a romance once they reached adulthood. However, the death of her mother and Max being far away led to Caro breaking off their engagement. He later moved to New York City, where he’s had a successful career and life. A job promotion that will have him moving to London in a few weeks provides Max a chance to take time off before he has to leave, so he heads home to visit his beloved grandmother, Ava, who is talking about selling her home. Several months ago, Ava lost Max’s grandfather, so coming home will have him reliving the memories of growing up with his grandparents. It will also bring him face-to-face with Caro. 

Caro has stayed in their small hometown where her family still lives, working several part-time jobs while she continues to write children's books that are successful. She is still friendly with Ava, so imagine her surprise at walking into Ava’s home to find Max there. It brings back the pain of their breakup and her wishing that things could’ve turned out differently. While it is awkward at first between Caro and Max, they are soon letting their guards down—and rediscovering the magic of why they fell in love once before. Will they get a second chance at a future together?

Caro helps out at a dog rescue agency and takes in dogs temporarily until they are adopted. She hasn’t yet taken the plunge on adopting one herself, mainly because that means a commitment. Something she hasn’t been able to give anyone, including Max. After rescuing an abandoned dog, the two grow closer as they care for the poor pup. Max, meanwhile, is still planning to move to London, but he begins to wonder if he can stay here, especially after an old building that is being threatened with being torn down provides him with inspiration. He wants to renovate it into something that will help the community. 

Caro tries to hide her growing feelings for Max in DOG DAYS FOREVER by Shannon Richard. She once tried to reconcile with him by going to New York City, but found him with another woman, though he didn’t see Caro. She has poured herself into writing children's books, which Max doesn’t know about. She isn’t sure how to tell him that the couple in the books are about them. How would he react? In this tale, she tries to hide the “evidence” of her books, even though it’s an open secret in town. Readers will wonder at what point he will find out the truth. 

In DOG DAYS FOREVER, some things begin to change for Caro, namely that she decides to keep the puppy that she and Max rescued. Once they make love, Max and Caro are open about their feelings for each other and to those around them. While her brother may not want to hear that his sister is having sex, he’s happy for her. Meanwhile, her younger sister, Lucy, moves home after a toxic relationship. Certainly a lot of changes happening in the Buchanan family. But it is the growing love between Max and Caro that fills this tale. Readers will be rooting for them to make it work out. 

A charming and delightful romance that hits all the right notes, don’t miss DOG DAYS FOREVER. What more can a reader ask for in romance, family, and dogs.

Patti Fischer

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