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In Death Series, Book 56
ISBN: 9781250284082 – Hardcover
ISBN: 9781250284310 – E-Book
February 7, 2023
Futuristic Mystery – Suspense

New York City, NY – 2061

A dazzling house party hosted by many times nominated and award-winning Broadway actress, Eliza Lane, and her equally accomplished actor, husband Brant Fitzhugh, takes a deadly turn when Brant collapses, and dies during the event. Brant’s death is quickly confirmed a homicide by poison.

When Lieutenant Eve Dallas arrives at the scene it’s chaos. With nearly 200 guests, caterers, and house staff interviews will take time. As Eve begins those interviews, the story emerges. Eliza Lane and her co-star Amanda Keene stand at the piano and sing a duet from Upstage, the play that will soon be on Broadway again after 25 years. Eliza played the role of the daughter in the original play, and now will play the mother. The performance is interrupted when a glass shatters and someone screams. Eliza rushes across the room and sees her husband, Brant, gasping on the floor. Brant dies quickly and chaos ensues until someone calls for medical aid. Further questioning brings to light the fact that the glass containing the poison was meant for Eliza. Or was it?

With too many witnesses, and questions on who the poison was intended for Eve has to dig deep for answers. Those answers may go back twenty-five years, when the first death associated with the play occurred.

ENCORE IN DEATH is a fascinating and compelling mystery. Who is the killer and who was really the intended victim? Is this a crime or passion, revenge … or something else? I always enjoy the In Death books by J.D. Robb. Often the novels are nail biting and terrifying, sometimes they are simply police procedurals with interesting cases, but more to showcase the characters, of which there are multitude worthy of the attention. Some of the stories act more as a background to character growth, while other stories are so huge there isn’t room for in-depth character interaction. The exception being every novel shows the growth and strength of Eve’s marriage to Roarke, and how their relationship has grown and changed, making them both stronger people.

ENCORE IN DEATH may be the 56 th novel in this extraordinary series. But there is nothing stale in this novel. ENCORE IN DEATH highlights Eve Dallas’s dedication and investigative skills. When she has her teeth in a case nothing gets by her, and the smallest detail will be investigated to the nth degree. She’s smart, creative and her analysis of crime scenes is almost magic. The excellent storyline, a cast full of characters who are familiar and very well developed adds to the full enjoyment of the story. I’ve read the entire series, beginning with NAKED IN DEATH in 1995 and can honestly say I have enjoyed and read each book more than once. Fans of a true mystery will enjoy ENCORE IN DEATH, even without having read the previous 55 books. Though I recommend the entire series, ENCORE IN DEATH can be read and enjoyed on its own.

For an excellent mystery, will outstanding characters I highly recommend ENCORE IN DEATH. Oh, who am I kidding, read the series, it is one of the best I have ever read.

Terrie Figueroa

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