MAKE ME CRAVE – Katee Robert
Make Me , Book 2
Harlequin Dare
ISBN: 978-0-263-93224-9
July 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

The Caribbean & New York City – Present Day

Roman Bassani helps business owners find new companies to buy, and right now he has someone interested in Allie Landers's exercise club. But so far Allie has refused to meet with him, and when he learns that she's headed to an exclusive island resort for a vacation, he decides to follow her there and pitch the plan to her. His first day at the resort, Roman spots a beautiful woman sunbathing and is instantly attracted. Later that night, he runs into her again and they end up in bed—with no names exchanged. Of course, readers know exactly who his mystery woman is…

Allie thinks of her business as her baby and, while it is struggling, she can't just let it be sold to anyone. Everyone knows that Roman is ruthless when it comes to helping his clients acquire companies, and she doesn't want her exercise club to be his latest conquest. Allie plans to “live a little” on vacation before she has to return to reality in New York and decide what to do about her business. She hooks up with the sexy and mysterious man, but the next day she learns to her horror that her one-night stand is Roman. Yet, despite not liking his business practices, the sex was unforgettable. They agree to a fling while on the island, with no mention of business.

MAKE ME CRAVE is sizzling hot, with plenty of sex, but there's also even hotter chemistry between Roman and Allie. They've never met before, so their meeting on the island is the first time and it rocks them both. Roman is the quintessential hardhearted businessman who falls hard for his female adversary. Even though he came to the island to find Allie, he delays his search in order to spend a night with his mystery woman. Learning who she really is doesn't stop the attraction, and both want to continue their affair—but only while on vacation. Yet underlying their hot feelings for one another is the stark realization that they'll soon have to face a decision about her company.

Roman is a decidedly unlikable character as MAKE ME CRAVE opens. His goals are to reel in companies for people who hire him, and he doesn't care who he tosses aside. This is also how he has treated female relationships, but suddenly he cares about Allie's feelings. Is he falling in love? Allie doesn't want to sell and considers her business her baby, but she's about to go under. Can Roman find her a buyer who will continue her mission? Is there any way they can compromise…and find happiness together?

While part of the  Make Me  series, MAKE ME CRAVE can be read as a standalone. Grab an icy cold drink and be prepared to immerse yourself in another entertaining tale from Katee Robert.

Patti Fischer