MAKE ME WANT – Katee Robert
Harlequin Dare (eBook)
March 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

New York City – Present Day

Two years after breaking up with a fiancé who cheated on her while hammering her self-esteem, Lucy Baudin is looking for a guy…to marry. To facilitate the search, Lucy asks an old friend, Gideon Novak, who is a company headhunter. Lucy is secretly attracted to him, but he rarely dates one woman beyond two weeks. However, Lucy wouldn't mind an erotic fling with Gideon and decides to test him by adding in an outrageous demand.

Gideon is hesitant about Lucy's request to find a mate for her, not only because that isn't his expertise, but because deep down he knows he'll be jealous. Then, Lucy drops a shocker. She wants his help in the sex department. Lucy insists that in addition to finding her a man, Gideon must teach her sexual techniques…intimately.

It's a bold request by Lucy in MAKE ME WANT and one that will singe the pages. She once thought her ex was the right man for her, even after he constantly criticized her about her looks and sexual prowess, but she ended things when she was told—by Gideon—that he was cheating on her. It's been a long road back, with no dating, but now she needs a husband to help further her career at the law firm she works for. Gideon is stunned at Lucy's request for sex, but he knows that if it isn't him that helps her, she could turn to someone else. And he doesn't want that to happen!

To say that MAKE ME WANT is hot is an understatement. The sexual chemistry between Lucy and Gideon is scorching, and every time they're around one another, all they can think about is the other. Oh, Gideon does line up a few dates for her, but he's envious and wants to be Lucy's guy, even if he's not the commitment type. As they continue to sizzle in the bedroom, it soon becomes apparent that they're perfect for each other. Will Gideon change his tune about remaining a bachelor? Will Lucy get the man she really wants…Gideon?

In MAKE ME WANT, Gideon and Lucy discover which buttons to push on each other and their sexual frustration soon turns into hot sex between the sheets. Lucy and Gideon's vulnerabilities will endear themselves to readers, who will surely enjoy this tale as much as I did. If you're looking for a taste of Harlequin's new Dare line, then I highly recommend you grab a copy of MAKE ME WANT at your favorite online bookstore.

Patti Fischer