ISBN-13: 978-0-7783-0961-1
October 2019
Contemporary Romance 

Pine River, Washington Present Day 

Pine River is a small town with poor to middle class inhabitants. To help those who cannot always help themselves, Olivia (Livi) Berg runs a year-round charity called Christmas from the Heart. A major part of her job is to elicit donations from those who are in positions to help, be it companies or individuals. To this end, she contacts an officer at Hightower Enterprises in Seattle to arrange for this year's donation. Hightower has been a major donor since the time of Livi's great-grandmother's day. This year, Livi is told to expect nothing from them; the company is cutting down. Livi manages to contact Guy Hightower, the company's CFO, through e-mail. He is not pleased with being bothered by trifles. Business is not thriving.  

Guy is the youngest of three brothers, and the most dedicated and hardest working of the three. Mike, the eldest, is going through his third divorce, and Bryan, in the middle, is no help either. A frustrated Livi manages to get Guy on the phone and resentment on both sides escalates. He's not exactly polite to Livi, and she's not pleased with him, either. This mutual dislike continues through the months until the holidays are near. We learn a lot about their lives, friends and families. Just wait until they meet . . .  

They meet on the road when Guy gets in an accident and Livi finds him. In her usual way, she stops to help and ends up offering to take him to town. They don't recognize each other, though he soon figures out who she is. He needs her help, so he . . .

I enjoyed CHRISTMAS FROM THE HEART very much. The characters are interesting and amusing, altogether engaging as is the story. It's a read I can highly recommend.

Jane Bowers