Weird Girls , Book 4
ISBN: 978-0-553-39458-0
November 2014
Fantasy Romance

Lake Tahoe, California - Present Day

Thanks to a curse, Celia Wird and her sisters have gained supernatural powers, and have unfortunately become known to the supernatural world.  They've fought against evil in many forms since, and three of the sisters have found their mates.  Claiming her mate was another challenge for Celia, as Aric is a Pureblood werewolf and Pack Leader, and though Celia has the ability to change, she's most definitely not a Pureblood, but they are mates.

Celia finds out that she is carrying Aric's child, but doesn't have a moment to celebrate or even share the news with her mate before her life is threatened once again, this time by the most terrifying foe yet.  Anara is a Pack Elder who believes that Celia will sully Aric's pure bloodline, and forces her to break things off with her love.  As an Elder, Anara is able to call on the power of the Pack in addition to the not inconsiderable power of his own.  He vows that if Celia doesn't leave Aric, he will kill him, and if she tries to tell anyone, he will kill her sisters as well.  To save the lives of those she loves, Celia turns Aric away and moves in with the Vampire Master, Misha.  But when Misha is captured, things go from bad to worse, and Celia finds herself battling more evil than she may be able to handle.

The fourth book in the Weird Girls series, in A CURSED BLOODLINE, Celia is beginning to think things will finally work out between her and Aric when everything is ripped away from her again.  Her sisters, Shayna and Taran, have mated to wolves from Aric's Pack, and can't understand why Celia is turning her back on Aric when he needs her so much.  Their recent battle with a demon working with the Tribe left Aric disfigured with burns and scars, and many others in the Pack have suffered as well.  Anara's ability to use the powers of Pack gives him control over them, and he uses them to cause Celia more harm.  She doesn't see a way to defeat Anara, but Celia's a fighter and she'll figure something out eventually.  If her enemies don't kill her first.

Harsh battles mixed with heartbreaking loss and betrayal create a spellbinding tale in A CURSED BLOODLINE.  It's probably best to read the series in order, but either way A CURSED BLOODLINE is a book you won't want to miss.

Jennifer Bishop