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A Perfect 10
William Morrow
ISBN:  978-0-06-238985-5
May 2017
Historical Fiction

New York and London – 1939 to 1945

Ruby Sutton has worked hard to find a job which she is not only good at, but one which she also enjoys. Growing up in an orphanage, Ruby has not had an easy life, and she's scrambled to get an education and to support herself. As a journalist for the weekly newspaper, The American , Ruby devotes herself to her job, and it doesn't go unnoticed. Her boss offers her the chance of a lifetime – travel to London to cover the war and to work for the Picture Weekly news magazine.

Arriving in England, Ruby immediately immerses herself in learning everything she can about her new position, and also her new country. She is met at the train station by Captain Bennett, a friend of the editor of The American , and he escorts her through London and to her hotel. Ruby settles in to work, getting to know her fellow employees, some of whom are less than happy to have her there. But that doesn't worry her; she puts her nose to the grindstone, and soon is traveling the countryside with Mary, the photographer, writing informative and heartfelt stories of how the citizens are dealing with the Blitz and life at war. Occasionally, she sees Captain Bennett, but his enigmatic behavior has her confused.

It isn't until tragedy hits Ruby that she appreciates having Bennett for a friend. She still is unsure of what his job is, as he disappears for weeks on end. However, it isn't just Bennett who has secrets, Ruby conceals a few of her own from her boss and friends.

I thoroughly enjoyed this beautifully written novel. GOODNIGHT FROM LONDON is a page-turning, character-driven tale. The detailed research is evident, and the vision of a war-torn London comes to life easily. Ruby is a vulnerable, yet strong young woman who has been alone most of her life, and she is overwhelmed by the friends she makes in England.

GOODNIGHT FROM LONDON is very highly recommended and is a Perfect 10 in my eyes.

Jani Brooks
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