Brooklyn Nights , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2812
ISBN: 978-1-335-23297-7
July 2021
Contemporary Series Romance

New York City – Present Day

Design stylist Sable Cordero is doing an internship at Zayn Designs, a job she loves and doesn't want to jeopardize. One night while working late on a project, she is interrupted by the company CEO, Roman Zayn. Sable is all too aware of Roman, a powerful, dynamic man, but so far, she has managed to stay out of his way. That is, until that night. The sizzling attraction between them boils over into a night of lovemaking. Later, realizing that getting involved is not the right way to handle a business relationship, they agree to avoid each other. Then, Sable learns weeks later that she is pregnant. Just as she is wondering how to tell Roman, he walks back into her life.

Roman became a widower years ago and still hasn't gotten over the pain of his loss. For this reason, he has avoided commitments and concentrated on his work. The moment he spots Sable, he wants her. He tries to avoid being around her, but an unexpected encounter leads to a night of passion…and consequences. Now Roman will do whatever it takes to protect Sable and their baby. Will it include marriage? However, can he give his heart to her, or does he fear being hurt again? As they prepare for the baby, they grow closer, and their burgeoning friendship soon turns into something more.

There is no doubt that Roman is attracted to Sable in A NINE-MONTH TEMPTATION. Their night of passion was insatiable. It was like an explosion set off by their first kiss. But neither are looking for a romantic commitment. For Sable, it is all about rebuilding her life after a failed marriage and forging a career in the fashion industry. For Roman, it is about steering clear of entanglements because his heart was broken by the death of his wife. But there is a little baby that was created through failed protection, and neither can turn their back on the child. But it will require changes in their lives. The problem is, neither wants to compromise.  

The weeks apart after their first night together only fed their lust for each other. While Sable wants to keep it nonpersonal with Roman as they decide on their next steps, the desire between them feeds the passion which continually erupts between them. Will they see that they are falling in love? Can Roman finally put his past heartbreak behind him? Can Sable, who has known her own share of heartbreak, give her heart to him? Find out the sizzling and emotional answers to these questions by picking up a copy of A NINE-MONTH TEMPTATION.

Patti Fischer