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Kingsland Ranch, Book 3
Harlequin Desire #17A
ISBN: 978-1-335-45779-0
September 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Dutch Harbor, Alaska – Present Day

Quinton Kingsley is searching for his long-lost half-brother, Clayton Reynolds, as he needs to talk to him urgently in person. He traces him to a remote town on Alaska’s Aleutian Islands. Arriving at the bar Clayton owns, he is greeted by a woman who claims she is Clayton’s sister and that she can’t tell him where he is. She is actually Clayton’s stepsister, McKenna O’Brien and she may or may not be lying about whether she knows where Clayton is. But Quinton is determined to wait until either his half-brother shows up or McKenna spills the beans on his location. 

As the days turn into weeks, Quinton finds himself growing attracted to McKenna. She is a hard worker and as stubborn as they come. When a fierce storm with hurricane force winds and rain hits Dutch Harbor, they are forced to spend a night together. It soon leads to a night of passion. But they are still at a standstill because she won’t give up Clayton’s location. Will Quinton’s persistence force her to make an error? Will their sizzling attraction lead to more than one night of passion?

Welcome to Alaska, which is aptly named the Last Frontier State. McKenna lives in one of the most remote areas and has settled into a new life after being betrayed by an ex-boyfriend. She is close to Clayton and when he went off the grid, he left her in charge of his bar. In ALASKAN BLACKOUT, Quinton arrives looking for Clayton and won’t tell her why. She in turn won’t give him clues to his half-brother’s location. They argue and dance around this, and all the while their sexual attraction continues to grow. McKenna prides herself on her independence but Quinton proves to be useful when a storm arrives, especially after the power goes out. But the close proximity of being hunkered down in her cabin leads to a night they soon can’t forget. However, they are soon back to square one with regard to Clayton.

In ALASKAN BLACKOUT, McKenna comes across as somewhat lonely even though she has friends in Dutch Harbor. But she is only protecting herself from hurt after experiencing betrayal from a man she once trusted. Will Quinton help her regain trust and open up to him about her pain? Quinton feels bad that his father treated Clayton badly and wants to pay him retribution for the pain. Will the brothers finally get together in this tale?

If you love a remote location and a couple forced together, then you need to consider picking up ALASKAN BLACKOUT. McKenna and Quinton’s attraction is sizzling hot and there’s also plenty of emotion throughout this tale which makes it an enjoyable read. 

Patti Fischer

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