The McNeill Magnates,  Book 6
Billionaires and Babies  Series
Harlequin Desire #2569
ISBN: 978-1-335-97129-6
February 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

Island of Martinique, New York City, and Cheyenne, Wyoming – Present Day

Billionaire Gabe McNeill became a single father to a baby boy after his now ex-wife abandoned them when their son was four weeks old. Gabe isn't looking to fall in love again, but he's attracted to his landscaper, Brianne Hanson, and wouldn't mind bedding her. So far, he's steered clear of fulfilling that wish. However, he's about to meet a grandfather he never knew existed until recently, and the old man is insistent that his grandsons be married for at least a year if they want to inherit his massive estate. Gabe doesn't want the money for himself, but for his son's future. He needs a wife and looks no further than Brianne. He'd wed her, bed her and both can walk away from the marriage after a year with everything they want.

Since Brianne arrived on Martinique, she's been secretly in love with Gabe and watched him marry another woman. She's supportive of Gabe and caring of his son but wants to maintain a business only relationship. Gabe is about to leave for New York City when Brianne gets a call that her grandmother was injured in a mugging in that city. She must get to her and make sure she's okay. She agrees to go with Gabe, but their flight soon turns into a business discussion: will she marry him in exchange for money that she can use to help her grandmother? She finally agrees but wonders if she's about to endure heartbreak when Gabe won't return her feelings.

A marriage contract is the plot of FOR THE SAKE OF HIS HEIR by Joanne Rock, the latest tale in her  McNeill Magnate  series. Gabe once gave his heart to Theresa, but she loved her career more than she did her husband and son. This heartbreak led Gabe to put up a wall around his heart. Brianne has been by his side through all this, and he considers her a good friend. Why would he disrupt their friendship by letting sex—and marriage—come between them? Maybe because Gabe has a serious case of lust for Brianne. But love? No, he can't see yet that he's fallen for her.

Brianne's childhood was always on the brink of disaster. Her mother died when she was young, and her father promptly married another woman who saw Brianne as an interloper and treated her badly. The one saving grace was Brianne's grandmother, who took her in and basically raised her. Brianne moved to Martinique, leaving her grandmother alone in New York City, when she took this job for Gabe, and now there's a chance her grandmother may be dying. She needs to get to her grandmother and Gabe offers to help her, while using the opportunity to propose a marriage merger. Brianne takes the offer, and wonders if in the year they'll be together he will fall in love with her. It's a chance she'll have to take. However, there are others who are pushing for her to fail.

FOR THE SAKE OF HIS HEIR is an emotional tale filled with sensuality as Brianne and Gabe give into the passion that explodes between them. Will they make it to a happily-ever-after by the end?

Patti Fischer