Dynasties: Mesa Falls , Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2720
ISBN: 978-1-335-20896-5
March 2020
Contemporary Series Romance

Mesa Falls, Montana – Present Day

Billionaire Gage Striker can't believe his eyes when he spots his old flame, Elena Rollins, at the exclusive party he's hosting at his remote home in Montana. He hasn't seen her since his father paid her off six years to break up with him. With his reputation and that of his best friends on the line, the last thing Gage needs is for Elena to disrupt the party, so he whisks her off to a private area of his home. She is now a tabloid columnist and is looking for dirt on an old secret involving a reclusive author who died a few months ago, a man who was also Gage's friend. Gage decides to distract Elena from her task by seducing her. Of course, it won't be hard work for him because he's still attracted to her.

Elena has recently gone through a bad divorce that left her penniless. She needs the work in order to help her pocketbook. Before she went into selling juicy stories to tabloids, Elena was a beauty influencer on YouTube, but gave it up after her marriage. Now she's trying to re-establish herself. Gage offers to help her restart her career. She's aware that he thinks his father successfully paid her off six years ago, but the truth is, she declined the money. She just didn't want to be around a family that valued wealth over love. Gage's seductive ways soon have them falling into bed. Will the affair lead to heartbreak—again—for Elena?

Gage and his friends all went to the same private school where Alonzo Salazar taught. It turns out the Alonzo led a secret life as an author who penned a scandalizing book that rocked some lives in Hollywood. Gage and his friends also carry a deep secret about one of their schoolmates. They can't let the secret get out because it would bring more questions. Gage has to head off Elena from asking too many questions, and the only way to do so is to distract her by seducing her. He's actually never forgotten how much he cared for her—but love? He can't afford to give his heart to anyone.

Elena is a woman trying to crawl out of the hellhole her life's been since she got married. Her now ex-husband turned out to be a jerk and is an even bigger one now that they're divorced. Elena needs the money the tabloid assignment will provide, but Gage is stalling and distracting her. Will she realize that she's still in love with him? Will Gage come clean with her about the secrets that he's holding back from her?

HEARTBREAKER is a sizzling tale of a reunion between a couple who've never forgotten each other. Will they rediscover the magic they once had—and love? Can Gage and Elena find a happily-ever-after? Don't miss the intrigue in this sensual tale.

Patti Fischer