Texas Cattleman's Club: Inheritance , Book 6
Harlequin Desire #2732
ISBN: 978-1-335-20908-5
May 2020
Contemporary Series Romance

Royal, Texas – Present Day

Years ago, Miranda Dupree Blackwood had walked away from the man she loved and married another man, one who was older and would provide well for her. The marriage didn't last, but they remained friends and now Miranda is the executor of his estate. For the past five months, Miranda has put up with her ex stepchildren hating her. But now they know the truth about that puzzling will left behind by their father. Miranda is still in Royal clearing up a few things before she returns to New York City. She discovers that the family business, Blackwood Bank, has some online security issues, and she turns to security expert Kai Maddox for help. Kai is the man Miranda once loved.

Kai is still stung by Miranda dumping him. It was clear that she left him for a man with more money. So, why is she wanting his help in tracking down the security breach at the bank? She has been persistent despite his turning her down. They both know the sparks still fly between them, and it would be dangerous to be around one another again. But Kai also realizes that securing this job would help his company a great deal. He agrees, which leads to his spending a lot of time with Miranda. Will they soon resume their affair?

There is something about Kai that Miranda can't resist. She was young and in love with him, but a push by her mother had her breaking things off between them and marrying wealthy Buckley Blackwood. Yes, she was nothing more than a trophy wife, but when things ended, she walked away from the marriage with what she went in with. Miranda has, however, parlayed her status as the ex of a wealthy man into a reality television career. This, in turn, has created a lucrative career outside of television. Yet, it's Kai that she can't quit. Is she tempting fate by rekindling their long-ago romance? Are they different now than they were then?

Kai alternatively hates Miranda and wants her. Is she nothing more than a gold digger who grabbed the “diamond” ring when it was dangled in front of her? That experience with her has left him hardhearted when it comes to women. Meanwhile, digging into the job soon turns into a disaster when someone hacks into the bank. Because Kai and his brother, Dane, are known to be former hackers who turned to security management afterwards, they are the first suspects! Can Kai learn who the hackers really are? Will Miranda and Kai fall back in love again and make it work this time?

HER TEXAS RENEGADE brings to close the Texas Cattleman's Club: Inheritance series. All the loose ends are finally tied up and everyone is headed to a happily-ever-after. See how Kai and Miranda's rocky romance works out in this intriguing tale.

Patti Fischer