The McNeill Magnates, Book 3
Billionaires and Babies

Harlequin Desire #2521
ISBN: 978-0-373-83848-6
June 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Virgin Islands Present Day

Hotel concierge Maresa Delphine is her family's primary caretaker and breadwinner as her mother has MS and her brother is still recovering from a traumatic brain injury. With her job on the line after a series of bad online reviews, the last thing she needs to add to her load is a baby, but this is exactly what happens when a baby she didn't know her brother fathered is dumped on her lap by the mother who doesn't want it. This happens just as a demanding (and rich) client checks into the hotel. To her surprise, the client insists on helping her with the baby.

Resort developer Cameron McNeill is only pretending to be a demanding customer when he checks in under an assumed name at the five-star resort that he and his brothers own. He's there to find out why there are negative reviews. Where there's smoke, there's got to be fire, right? When a baby is literally dumped on Maresa right in front of him, Cam steps in to help the frazzled concierge. Even though Cam isn't proficient in taking care of babies, he immediately takes charge and arranges for a nanny and other things so that Maresa can relax and do her job. Why is Cam doing this? Maybe because he's attracted to her?

For Maresa, family comes first, but the past twelve months have been trying. Her brother was in a car accident that left him unable to care for himself, and her mother, already ill with MS, is unable to help. Maresa quit her beloved job in Paris and came home to Charlotte Amalie and found employment at the Carib Grand Hotel, a five-star resort. When her brother's one-time girlfriend has Maresa's ex-fiancé take her baby and tell Maresa she no longer wants to raise it, Maresa's world is thrown into an upheaval. Maresa has to figure out how to tell her brother, who is mentally unstable due to his brain injury and unable to care for the infant. Not only does Cam step in to assist her, he reveals his true identity to her and asks for help in finding out why the resort reviews are now negative.

Cam figured prominently in the first book in The McNeill Magnates series, THE MAGNATE'S MAIL-ORDER BRIDE. In HIS ACCIDENTAL HEIR, Cam finds himself falling for a woman with a lot of baggage, and he inexplicably likes the situation. He has a reputation of being a carefree bachelor, but he's ready to chuck that title and become a family man. Cam's romance with Maresa starts out slowly, as they first start out as friends, then finally realize how attracted they are to each other. Cam can hardly believe he's ready to take on a readymade family!

A tropical location gives HIS ACCIDENTAL HEIR an exotic appeal for readers, and they will no doubt root for Cam and Maresa to make beautiful magic together. But will marrying a billionaire based in New York City mean that she must give up her beloved island living? Find out the answer in the sizzling and entertaining HIS ACCIDENTAL HEIR.

Patti Fischer