Little Secrets Series
Harlequin Desire #2560
ISBN: 978-0-373-83887-5
December 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Island of Martinique and New York City – Present Day

After being a runaway bride and crashing the getaway jet ski, Delia Rickard was rescued by millionaire Jager McNeill, which then led her to being hired as his assistant. It's been six months since Delia has seen Jager, and she's on her way to meet his seaplane when she spots a little boy falling into the water, unseen by the people he's with. She jumps in, but it's Jager who is soon by her side, pulling both her and the boy out of the water. He takes her back to his estate, where she can dry off. But things turn hot between them as the pent-up desire that's been building between them bursts into flame. Delia and Jager end up having sex. It might have ended there, but the condom broke. She promises to tell him if she ends up pregnant.

Six weeks later, Jager returns to Martinique and he wants to see Delia to find out if she's pregnant. She has put it off, but she can no longer, and takes the pregnancy test. It's positive. Now she is tied to Jager, and he offers to marry her. But Delia won't marry without love, and she's already headed that way, even if he isn't. Will the confirmed bachelor fall in love with her? Jager has to go to New York City to meet a grandfather he's never known until now and invites Delia to go with him. She knows it will lead to more sex, but will it give them an opportunity to fall in love?

Delia lived a simple life on Martinique and thought she'd found her mate, but he turned out to be a weasel who was only after some property her family owns. She discovered this just as she was about to marry the man, and literally rode off in a jet ski while dressed in her wedding gown. It crashed on Jager's private beach and he rescued her…and offered her a job. Delia is somewhat intimidated by the super-rich Jager, but they are friends. Neither expected the fiery passion between them, nor that they could end up linked via a baby. Now they are very much aware of each other in a sexual way. How long will it take before they're making love again? How about…in New York City?

Jager and his two brothers recently learned they're connected to the wealthy McNeill family that resides in New York City. The patriarch of the family, his grandfather, wants to meet his grandsons, Jager and his two brothers. It's Jager who decides to go, but insists Delia go with him. He shows her the sights and sounds of New York City, which is exciting for her because she'd never been off Martinique until then. It's also Christmas, which makes it's special, and they're soon discovering the magic of love. But Delia wants to be loved (and married) for herself, not because she's carrying Jager's heir.

HIS PREGNANT SECRETARY is an offshoot of The McNeill Magnates series by Joanne Rock, but can be read as a standalone, though we get to catch up with the other McNeills in New York City. Delia wants what is best for herself and her child, while Jager soon realizes he wants it all…Delia, love, and their child. An enchanting tale, grab a copy of HIS PREGNANT SECRETARY for a read that will make you smile.

Patti Fischer