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Texas Cattleman’s Club: The Wedding, Book 4
Harlequin Desire #1B
ISBN: 978-1-335-45752-3
April 2023

Contemporary Series Romance

Royal, Texas – Present Day

Graduate student Jessica Lewis needs the money to help pay the loan her parents took out for her to attend school, so she is working as a waitress at a swanky party attended by the well-to-do of Royal. While delivering a drink order, she runs—literally—into a man, spilling champagne on his expensive suit. After showing him how to get the stain out, she thinks nothing more about it until he suddenly singles her out, identifying her as his girlfriend.

CEO Oliver Price thought the waitress who spilled a drink on him was pretty, and she remains in the back of his mind when an old girlfriend latches her nails onto his arm. Thinking fast about how to get rid of her, he tells her that he is seeing someone else—and points to Jessica. He convinces Jessica to pretend to be his date and to leave early with him. They end up having a one-night stand, and while neither ever expected to see the other again, Oliver is soon asking Jessica to be his fake fiancée and attend the upcoming wedding festivities where he must make an appearance. Jessica agrees, and though the plan for her to temporarily move into his house had a “no sex” clause, it quickly becomes apparent that there is an explosive attraction between them. 

An unexpected encounter brings together two unlikely people in MAKE BELIEVE MATCH. Jessica’s career choice is music therapy and her parents have sacrificed a lot so that she can get her master’s degree. But a balloon payment is due soon on the loan or they lose their home. Jessica has already decided to withdraw from school and she’s frantically searching for more ways to earn money. With Oliver comes a chance to stay in school as he dangles money in front of her to pretend to be his girlfriend for a few weeks. The upcoming mega wedding requires that he attend numerous parties, and having a beautiful woman—his fiancée—alongside him will keep money-hungry women at bay. Besides, Oliver is attracted to Jessica, though he’s promised to not woo her into his bed. But nothing was said about a mutual desire to end the no-sex ban. Oliver doesn’t realize how much he cares for Jessica until he nearly loses her. 

The sexual chemistry is hot between Oliver and Jessica in MAKE BELIEVE MATCH. They act upon it and thought it would be a one-time lust-filled night together. But she is the perfect date to take along. She is beautiful and intelligent, plus she knows that he isn’t offering her a permanent place in his life. But whatever Oliver and Jessica expected to happen is soon thrown into disarray when love hits them. A delightful and sensual romance don’t miss MAKE BELIEVE MATCH.

Patti Fischer

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